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President Obama has presented ideas for a new corporate tax plan, and there seems to be something for everyone in his proposed plan. But what are the chances this or any other major tax legislation will be passed between now and the election? Many observers are saying that the tax plans we hear about between now and November - from the White House, from Congress, or even from those on the campaign trail - are nothing more than political posturing and give us nothing we can take to the bank.

Gail Perry, CPA
Obama's Corporate Tax Plan Begins to Take Shape
Last week, President Obama unveiled the framework for an extensive corporate tax package. It didn't take long for his rivals to poke holes in the plan. In fact, the Republican front-runner for the presidency, Mitt Romney, chose the very same day on the campaign trail to present his own economic program.
Stars Bring Home a Shiny Oscar, Serious Swag, and a Big Tax Bill
Everyone knows that it's an honor just to be nominated for an Oscar, but for those who didn't go home with a glittery statuette, they can be comforted by an African safari, plastic surgery, or two nights at a luxury resort. And, of course, a tax bill.
IRS Discourages Tax Return Drop-offs at Taxpayer Assistance Centers
The IRS has indicated that Taxpayer Assistance Centers plan to discourage tax preparers from bulk drop-offs of tax returns for processing and mailing.
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