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We are SO CLOSE to the end of busy season! Just one more weekend, which for many will be a long weekend, and then the sun comes out. To me, the end of busy season starts in the afternoon on the 15th/18th, when the phone finally stops ringing. I love the feeling of massive relief – it's as if I have my life back. There's a moment when I look around the office and there are no more tax returns that have to be finished – all I can do is smile!

Our last issue of the Daily Dose of Workplace Fitness for this busy season will be delivered on Monday, and in it will be a special surprise for all of you who have stuck with the program (and even for those of you who have looked on with wry amusement). Until then, keep stretching and taking little fitness breaks and remember that the end is in sight!

Gail Perry
Water bottle posture cure
Today is posture day at the AccountingWEB fitness factory. Fitness expert Cindy Whitmarsh recommends you grab a couple of (full) water bottles for this exercise. Remember to breathe!
  1. Sitting in your chair, bend over so your chest is lying on your lap.
  2. Keep your abs tight and your back as straight as you can get it.
  3. Hold a water bottle in each hand with your arms down towards the ground.
  4. Raise arms straight out laterally, keeping elbows slightly bent and leading with elbows. Contract your rear shoulder muscles and upper back.
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