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A few years ago I managed to break my right wrist during the first week of March. THAT was a tax season for the record books. I had to do all of my typing one-handed and with my left hand (of course I'm right-handed), and I even invested in voice recognition software to help with the articles I was writing that spring. I've been committed to wrist and hand exercises ever since, now that I know what it's like to lose the use of my hand.

Gail Perry
Water bottle carpel tunnel buster and Friday snack attack
Fitness expert Cindy Whitmarsh has the perfect exercise for all of us who are suffering from keyboard achiness.  This exercise strengthens your forearms and wrists and breaks up tension in wrists and hands from computer work! You can do this exercise sitting or standing.
  1. Hold a water bottle in each hand with your arms extended straight out in front of your body, palms up.
  2. Begin the exercise by extending and flexing wrists with water bottles in your hands. Move wrists and hands down, then curl them up.
  3. Repeat flexion and extension move 10/30 reps.
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