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I have really vivid memories of the various places where I've worked over the years and the methods for storing tax files in the spring. Most of those methods involved collections of piles on the floor, and the organization of some of those piles left much to be desired. Squatting down to pick up or sort through file folders is just another exciting part of accounting life in the spring. Here's a quick little exercise that reinforces the need to keep your legs in shape.

Gail Perry
Desk chair knee-bends
Squats can tone muscles throughout your legs, abs, and lower back, and also increase flexibility.
  1. Stand up. Walk around to the back of your desk chair.
  2. Place feet shoulder-width apart.
  3. Place hands on the back of your chair.
  4. Contract your stomach muscles and keep them tight as you bend your knees and squat behind the chair.
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