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Our fitness library has grown to 46 exercises and tips as of today, which means that you have a pretty big selection to choose from if you’re interested in putting together a 5-10 minute afternoon office workout. We’re adding to the pack today with a back stretch that is designed to release tension. I tend to get hunchy when tax season gets the better of me, and have been known to jam a ruler down the back of my shirt to keep my back straight when working late at night. This exercise, however, requires a bit of hunchiness, so all of you who have been curled over your desks should have no problem with this one.

Gail Perry
Chair Low Back Stretch
Today's stretching exercise is a quick way to reduce tension in the low back and is perfect for a mini-break during the day.
  1. Scoot forward to the front part of your chair.
  2. Straighten your legs while keeping your feet on the ground.
  3. Allowing your spine to bend forward, reach your hands as far down the front of your legs as possible and allow your head to drop toward your thighs.
  4. Take slow, deep breaths for 30-45 seconds, then sit back up.
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