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When I started down this path of providing daily busy season exercises, I had clear memories of last spring and how worn out I would feel at the end of each day, having done nothing more than sit at my desk for, oh, a good 14-16 hours. I would feel tired and draggy and my energy level was really low. The only part of me that seemed to feel really good was my arms, because I kept little dumbbell weights at my desk, and throughout the day, I'd pick up the weights and do arm exercises.

That experience made me think that there might be something to this idea of working out while you work. If my arms can feel strong and energized after hoisting dumbbells, why not find ways to keep the rest of my body from atrophying. Thus the idea for this series was born.

Gail Perry
Chair Twists
Today's exercise is a Yoga exercise, and, as usual, you can perform this exercise right at your desk, with no special equipment and with no change of clothes.

According to Nora Forziati, certified yoga instructor and owner of Half Moon Yoga and Wellness in Contoocook, NH, the Chair Twists help create a healthy back, and they can help prevent bone loss and loss of flexibility in the spine
  1. Sit up tall in your chair with your feet flat on the ground.
  2. With your left hand in your lap, start to twist your body toward right side,
  3. As you turn, hold the edge of your chair-back with your right hand.
  4. Continue to twist around; if you can reach around the back of the chair with right hand, do so. Make sure the twisting is coming from your mid-section and you're not pulling yourself around with your arm.
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