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Yesterday, I recalled my thank-goodness-the-building-never-caught-on-fire description of working on the 75th floor of Deloitte’s Chicago office. That prompted a message from a co-worker of mine at Geo. Olive & Co., now BKD, in Indianapolis, where I found myself working some years after leaving Deloitte. At Olive, we were only seven floors off the ground, and it was easy to get some aerobic exercise by taking the stairs to our offices. As I recall, we also had an enviable view of the Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade from our office windows. Not a bad perk.

Gail Perry
Office aerobics
The WebMD Web site suggests that just because you’re stuck in an office, that doesn’t mean you can’t get up from your desk and get your heart beating. Here are five minutes’ worth of quick and easy ideas for little aerobics exercises you can work into your daily late-afternoon pick-me-up. (If you’re wearing high heels, you’ll probably want to slip them off before you start jumping and running in your office!).
  1. Time yourself for one minute, get up from your desk, and do jumping jacks.
  2. Run in place for one minute.
  3. Jump rope, without the rope, for one minute. Just pretend you’ve got a rope in your hands, and jump while rotating your arms.
  4. Sit at your desk, and pump your arms up and down for 30 seconds, then rapidly tap your feet on the floor for another 30 seconds.
  5. Do walk-lunges around your office for 1 minute.
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