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When I worked at Deloitte, many years ago, our offices were located on the 75th floor of what was then known as the Standard Oil building in downtown Chicago. When I started my job, I was given safety instructions. In the event of high winds, don't be alarmed if your office door starts swinging open and shut – that's not uncommon in a building this tall, and, after all, you're in the Windy City. (It was beyond disconcerting to have the doors swing open and shut.) In the event of a fire on a floor below you, you're on your own. No fire escape equipment can reach high enough to get to our floor, and the windows don't open anyway, so there's no egress through the outside offices. You can enter the stairwell, but keep in mind that the door to each floor is locked. Once you're in the stairwell, there is no exit until you reach the bottom floor. Hardly reassuring words. Our offices spanned two floors, the 74th (audit and consulting) and 75th (tax), and we had our own internal staircase connecting the two floors. I might not have survived a fire, but at least I would have been able to accomplish today's exercise on our local staircase, without having to go down 75 flights of stairs.

Gail Perry
Stair Climbers
Stair Climbers provide cardiovascular conditioning, such as normalized blood pressure, better circulation, and decreased serum cholesterol, increased metabolism to help maintain a healthy body weight, improved leg and hip strength, and improved mental functioning, including better concentration, improved mood, decreased stress, and more restful sleep. Keep in mind that climbing up a flight of stairs is easier on your knees than walking down the steps, so consider climbing up the stairs but taking the elevator back to the bottom.
  1. Start by climbing up stairs for one minute.
  2. If you have to walk back down, go down more slowly and less aggressively than you went up.
  3. Over time, increase your climbing to 15 minutes.
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