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AccountingWEB is taking a holiday on Monday for Presidents' Day. Today we're bringing you two variations on an abs exercise that you can work on both today and Monday, and we'll be back with something new on Tuesday.

Gail Perry
This-work-is-a-pain-in-the-abs stretch
Both of these exercises can be done at your desk and should only require a total of about two minutes.

Side Crunches
  1. Turn your chair so that your legs are next to your desk instead of under your desk.
  2. Sit up straight, your knees should be bent at right angles, and your feet should be hip-distance apart.
  3. Hold your hands together in front of your chest.
  4. Exhale, and bend at your waist to the right, lowering your right rib toward your right hipbone while squeezing your abdominal muscles.
  5. Inhale and sit up straight again.
  6. Same technique – this time bending to the left side.
Repeat, switching sides, for one minute.

The rest of the story (and the second exercise)...

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