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Thanks for sticking with us as we attempt to provide you with an energizing break each afternoon. If you have some tips for wellness, fitness, nutrition, or just making it through the busy days, please share them with me and I'll pass them on to the rest of the readers. Today we're working on stretching abs and increasing mobility in the low back. All of the exercises in this series are coming from a collection of doctors and fitness experts, however I would be remiss if I didn't mention that if any of these exercises hurt or don't seem to be working right, you should stop doing them and check with a doctor.

Gail Perry
Cobra stretch
Traditionally, a yoga exercise is done on the floor. This Cobra Stretch has been adapted for the office. The exercise is designed to improve the flexibility of the abdominal and psoas muscles, as well as increase mobility in the low back. When doing this exercise, be sure that your chair is pushed up against a wall so that it doesn't move away from you.
  1. Stand, facing your chair, with your feet shoulder-width apart and about 24" to 36" away from the edge of your chair.
  2. Lean forward and grip the center of your chair's armrests.
  3. Keeping your arms and legs straight, allow your pelvis to drop toward the seat of your chair while you lift your chin toward the ceiling.
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