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A few years ago, I broke my right wrist. It was the first week in March. I still had many client tax returns to finish, and I was trying to keep up with freelance writing. And I’m right-handed. Needless to say, that busy season was an enormous challenge for me. After surgery to repair my wrist, I started down the path of physical therapy, and many of my assigned exercises involved hand weights. Although my wrist is back to normal, I still keep the hand weights at my desk, and use them almost daily – on the phone, while reading the news, whenever I’m doing deskwork that doesn’t involve my hands.

Gail Perry
Waist stretches
This exercise is best done with weights. If you do these stretches directly to the side without allowing your body to lean forward, you will feel a nice stretch in your side and waist.

  1. Sit upright in your desk chair.
  2. Holding your weights, one in each hand, let your right arm drop to your right side. Your left weight and hand should rest on your left hip. This adds weight for your right arm to lift and lower.
  3. Lean to your right side while continuing to face forward, and lower your right arm and weight toward the ground (and the side of your chair).
  4. Now lift the right arm and weight up. Go up and down on the right side eight times.
  5. Switch to your left side.
  6. Let your left arm and weight lower to your left side. Your right weight should sit on your right hip.
  7. Lower and lift the left weight eight times.
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