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If you happen to be snowed in today, you might still be sleeping or catching up on old episodes of Jersey Shore. But if you're in the office, here's today's installment of get-up-from-your-desk-and-stretch-those-muscles. I like this one because it's really hard for me to do, so it must be good, right? It's the getting back up part that seems to be a particular challenge, but maybe that's just me. P.S. We notice that yesterday's daily fitness newsletter was labeled Day 17, and here we are on Day 19. Day 19 is correct, and I might have misnumbered somewhere along the line. In case you missed an exercise, here is the link to the whole library.

Gail Perry
Invisible chair: Ab, back, and thigh toner
According to author Shirley Archer in Fitness 9 to 5, "Spending a few extra minutes each day in your invisible chair tones up your abs, back, and thighs. Building more muscle mass boosts your metabolism for more calorie burn even while you sleep!" Consider doing this exercise while you're talking on the phone or reading the mail.
  1. Get up from your desk and find a wall to press against.
  2. If you're not holding onto anything else, consider holding a weight in each hand.
  3. Slide your back down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the floor, just as if you're sitting on an imaginary chair. It's okay to hold onto a desk (or co-worker) to take off some of the resistance.
  4. Make sure your knees are directly over your ankles and your head is against the wall.
  5. Hold for at least five seconds. Over time, work up to one minute.
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