December 9, 2011

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The Cloud Financial Accounting Software ROI
Change Management. Non-Billable Time Reduction. Cost Containment. Client Privacy & Security. These are some of the many things that keep Accounting Firm Partners & Administrators up at night. Yet, the costs of software and the hardware to support it keep rising, along with the infrastructure that is necessary to manage them.
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Cybercrime Is on the Rise and No One Is Immune
Organizations and their managers need to take cybercrime seriously. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers' economic crime report, "Cybercrime: Protecting Against the Growing Threat," businesses face serious threats from cybercriminals, from both within and outside their organizations. The PwC report warns that cybercrime one of today's top four economic crimes.
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Three Irreverent Time Management Strategies for the Digital Era
Getting through your to-do list faster isn't what time management is about – at least not anymore. After all, this is the digital era! Rather than managing our existing time as if it was finite, we need to find ways to multiply it and make our lives better.
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QuickBooks 2012: What's New and Improved?
There's a lot to be thankful for in the new 2012 version of QuickBooks. Guest writer Laura Madeira tells us all about the new features and explains how these changes will affect you and your clients.
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Clowning CPA Gives Back to Community
There's more on Edward Estrin's resume than his thirty-five-year career as a CPA and his tenure as president of the CalCPA. He's also a professional clown, who brings joy and laughter to sick children, senior citizens, and the men and women stationed at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.
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AccountingWEB's In the Cloud e-newsletter features our new Cloud blogger, Amy Vetter, who will be sharing her insights on Cloud computing with us. Amy discusses some key features that make Cloud computing irresistible. Meanwhile, QuickBooks guru and author Laura Madeira has written a whitepaper on the new features in QuickBooks 2012. Her article summarizes these features and includes a link to the complete whitepaper as well as an opportunity for some lucky readers to win QuickBooks software. But it wouldn't be Friday without some clowning around….
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Uni-Data's QuickBooks® Hosting & eFileCabinet Document Management

Uni-Data's QuickBooks® Hosting and eFileCabinet document management
Accountants and clients access financial data and documents simultaneously and securely. All Intuit-supported versions of QuickBooks® Pro, Premier and QBES. SAS70 type II data centers. 24x7 live support. Nightly back-up. As low as $38/mo/user. Uni-Data is an Intuit Authorized Commercial Host (U.S./Canada).
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