November 18, 2011

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The Battle over Internet Privacy
We have reached a critical juncture in Internet privacy and how the Internet will continue to evolve globally. The battle is raging between those who wish to control what occurs on the Internet including privacy, and those that want no regulatory control in place.
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The Future of Technology is Here - Are You Ready?
It is anticipated that 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020, with smartphones overtaking PCs as the most popular platform to access the Web by 2013. Combined with the rise of Cloud computing, the mobile Internet will see an explosion of business-ready, self-service technologies.
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Cloud Skills Can Translate into Success in 2012
Cloud Computing skills are top of the to do list for ICT professionals if they want their careers to flourish in 2012, along with business analytics, mobile computing, and social business.
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Resilience Planning is Step One for Migration to Cloud
There remains a lingering lack confidence in the resilience of many Cloud solutions. The CIO must look at moving the Cloud computing discussion past technology and economics and onto the major benefits such as business agility, time to market, and competitive positioning
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Sleeter Group's 2012 Awesome Add-Ons Awards Recognize Tools for Efficiency and Productivity
The 2012 "Awesome Add-Ons" were announced earlier this month at the Accounting Solutions Conference in Las Vegas, recognizing technologies that can work with common business accounting and management systems to help small businesses be more efficient and productive.
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There are individuals who would like to see the government getting involved with the regulation of information on the Internet. The mere thought of such government control conjures up images of more heavily government-controlled countries like China and Iran, however it appears that our own government is already doing its share of information control.
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