September 9, 2011

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Beyond the cubicle: Virtual office workers look to new technology to enhance mobilitiy and efficiency
When Mark Freedman left the Maryland accounting firm he had worked with for more than thirty years to establish his own accounting practice in Cave Creek, Arizona, he discovered a newfound freedom as the proprietor of his own business.
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Facebook enhances its privacy settings, but users also must do their part
Facebook recently announced changes that will make it easier for users to know as well as to control who is able to see their posts, photos, tags, and profiles.
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As Cloud computing overtakes industry, should private equity groups jump in?
As cloud computing storms the business world, it's impossible for private equity (PE) firms to ignore it. The real question is whether they should adopt it for their portfolio companies.
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Will the Google Chromebook revolutionize the industry?
Chromebook is designed specifically to work with the cloud environment. It alleviates some of the headaches associated with traditional personal computers, such as crashes, program updates, viruses, outdated hardware, etc.
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Putting health care EMRs in the Cloud
By providing services in the Cloud, a health care company can offer its customers simplification of a complex process. When a company processes claims for thousands of practices, it collects a lot of data and can spot, and respond to, trends quickly.
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Just when I think I've got a handle on Facebook, they make changes. Those pop-up boxes worry me – I always wonder what I'm really signing on for when I click a button in an admin box like this. Meanwhile, we're fortunate to be able to share an article about Mark Freedman, a CPA who has embraced Cloud computing in his new accounting practice. His enthusiasm and confidence help paint a picture of just how easy and valuable a transition to the Cloud can be.
Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA

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Uni-Data's QuickBooks® Hosting and eFileCabinet document management
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