August 12, 2011

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Preparing your client to move to the Cloud
Congratulations! You've made the commitment to move your practice to the Cloud. Are you finding your clients moving forward along with you with equal enthusiasm? How can you prepare your clients mentally when you are presenting a move to the Cloud or suggesting online products as a solution for maintaining their financial data?
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New computing solutions are sending small businesses to the Cloud
Cloud services make it possible for business owners to get anywhere, anytime access to all the information they need to run their business. Similarly, if you need to allow a third party to view information, then holding that information in a central location like the Cloud offers the additional flexibility to do that.
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Remote vs. Cloud: The perks of working with clients in cyberspace
There are many benefits to working with clients utilizing Web-based software applications. Remote technology applications eliminate unnecessary travel and the need for onsite data exchange.
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Plus one more: Google adds to the social media scene with Google+
Late in June, Google offered yet another choice in Social Media, Google+. Are you ready to add one more social networking site to your to-do list?
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Practical tips for navigating the sales tax minefield of Cloud computing
If you are in business, then most likely, you are a buyer or seller of software/services that is considered Cloud computing. If you are impacted by Cloud computing, you may be interested in learning what practical steps or strategy you can follow to help you navigate the sales tax minefield of Cloud computing.
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The Google toothbrush
When discussing the goals behind the Cloud firm's increasingly diverse product lines, Google CEO Larry Page had some interesting comments.
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It's a cloudy day here in Michigan today, but gloom is not what the Cloud is all about. Cloud technology is enabling accountants to be more efficient and more productive, providing more opportunities for communication, document sharing, company growth, flexible scheduling, and security. Cloud technology also enables accountants to be able to serve their clients 24/7, which is great if you're an insomniac. As with everything, there are pros and cons, and we're here to discuss both sides of the matter. This inaugural issue of In the Cloud provides some start-up information about Cloud computing. In months to come, we'll delve in more deeply, explore new technologies, examine the hurdles that our readers are jumping over to get the job done, and generally brighten your day.
Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA

Uni-Data's QuickBooks® Hosting & eFileCabinet Document Management

Uni-Data's QuickBooks® Hosting and eFileCabinet document management
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