August 30, 2011

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Creative leadership: How organizations can enable leaders to innovate
Most people believe creativity is initiated by ideation or brainstorming. But it actually begins much earlier. The path to differentiation starts by seeing what others do not – connecting the dots among what, at first glance, might appear to be unrelated activities or data.
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Bob's Barbecue
Where do you stand on value pricing? The Bob's Barbecue video created by VeraSage Fellows Greg Kyte and John Shaver uses comedy to take a jab at the billable hour.
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Personal marketing tips for hungry cockroaches and CPAs
With the Great Recession upon us, are CPAs like cockroaches, scrambling around for crumbs in the kitchen in the middle of the night? Allan Boress sees a connection, but warns that, unlike cockroaches, CPAs need some marketing instincts to help them figure out where to find the crumbs.
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Talent is overrated
Scott Heintzelman shares his reacation to Geoff Colvin's book on what makes a great performer - in any field.
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The client/CPA perception gap: Clients want more new and different services than most CPAs think
One-fourth of clients surveyed say they'd leave their current CPA firm because it might not have the new or different services that the client needs. Only about 15 percent of CPAs seem to be aware of the danger.
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I'd like to tie all of the articles in today's Careers e-newsletter together in one bundle and call it: Jumpstart your career. Too often we stick with the status quo. We probably don't even stop to think about it, but if we did, we might see ourselves on a treadmill, going through the same motions, day after day, without giving consideration to taking the reins of that wagon that is pulling our careers along and turning it in a new direction.
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