April 26, 2011

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Favorite interview questions of potential employers
The resume helps land the interview, but when it comes to making hiring decisions, employers are looking for less-obvious clues that an applicant is right for the job. Forty-two percent of chief financial officers (CFOs) polled cited their "go-to" interview questions as those related to personal attributes.
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Is this dress code professionalism overkill?
If you are thinking about branding or flexibility for your firm's people, the 43-page new dress code from Swiss bank UBS AG should get your attention.
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Allan Boress: Let's kill tax season before it kills us
Jackie walked into the partner's office and handed her the keys. "I just can't take it any more. My family and husband need and miss me. I don't know how you have done it all these years and still stayed married."
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Jason Blumer: How to leave your firm
I had an innovative younger CPA come to meet with me earlier this year with the question of how to leave his firm.
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Accountants as business advisors
Many accountancy practices claim to be both accountants and business advisers. Is this borne out by the way they operate? And do they take their own advice?
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More bad news for job searchers
Chief financial officers are markedly shifting their focus from cost cutting to revenue growth, but they remain wary of increased hiring at home, according to the results of the Deloitte CFO Signals quarterly survey for the first quarter of 2011.
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Be prepared for some interesting off-the-wall questions when you head into an interview. That's the latest advice from our friends at Accountemps. And, if Swiss Bank UBS AG is any kind of a trendsetter, you might want to consider asking some pointed questions about dress code when you're applying for a new job. Meanwhile, we've got some shaky news about hiring statistics, but overall we think that accountants are well situated to find work. Let us know if you're having successes or problems with your job search.
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Gail Perry, CPA

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