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This Issue's Theme: Year-End PR Issues, Gifts and Bonuses December 19, 2008  
Editor's Note
We all know that the economy is bad and that companies are trying to find ways to cut back. The research done for today's top story on the economy suggests that companies are cutting back in the bonus and party departments. It's my guess that some companies out there have found innovative ways to reward employees without necessarily spending a lot of money. We'd like to share some of your ideas with our readers, maybe give them some suggestions for their own businesses or ideas they can pass on to their clients. Please contact me, or place a comment at the bottom of the story on holiday parties and bonuses, if you have come up with alternatives to the traditional year-end bonus or holiday party.

Best regards,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor

Hot Topics
TurboTax turmoil: Online reviews pan the top selling software

Meeting the 150-hour requirement in New York and Pennsylvania

Life in the Big Four, Part IV: Pranks

Singing CPA releases new CD of holiday music

SEC approves new rules for credit reporting agencies

More Hot Topics

Economy puts damper on holiday parties, bonuses

The number of corporate holiday parties has reached a 20-year low this year, according to an annual survey conducted by Battalia Winston Amrop, an executive recruitment firm.
more >>
Solving the quandary of giving gifts at the office

Rule No. 1: Check to see if your company has a policy on gifts. Rule No. 2: Follow it. It sounds simple enough, but some smaller companies don't outline the rules, leaving employees confused as to whether they should give presents to a boss or colleague. And what type of gift would be appropriate? more >>
Avoiding holiday liability

The holidays should be a cheerful, festive and happy time of year. However, the holidays can provide fertile ground for potential legal liability against employers. Seemingly simple scenarios, such as employees taking time off of work for religious observance, and employers giving end-of-year bonuses and hosting holiday parties, all can have legal consequences. more >>
Making wage reporting profitable

No matter how you're filing W-2s and 1099s, there is at least one way to improve the process and save yourself some time. Some options are so efficient you'll be home relaxing on January 31! more >>
Blog: How being cheap hurts firm morale: Do bonuses work?

One reason we are the fastest growing firm in our geographic area, is that we are generous with our finances and our time with clients and staff. Can money work to improve morale in your firm? --Allan Boress, CPA. more >>
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