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Editor's Note

On the surface, one might think that a back to school issue of this publication should focus on, well, going back to school. Stocking up on crayons and construction paper (oh, those were the days, weren't they?!), and getting back into the studying zone. But instead, we've decided to focus on the end result - the careers that are the reward after a good education.

Whether you're preparing for your first interview, considering various career options, or even getting back to the workforce after a hiatus, the information presented here has been handpicked to provide you with some useful tools.

Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor
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News and Tips

Tips for the would-be accounting consultant

Being a consultant sounds like an enviable job that comes with a great deal of freedom and respect, and possibly a lot of money. That may all be true, but keep in mind it doesn't come without earning the title. After all, when you're the pro that business owners call in, you're expected to be well worth your fees. more

Moms making the shift from full-time to temp workers

As all mothers know, making the transition back to the working world after having a child is challenging. After years of rising through the ranks, a full-time career and the demands of parenting can feel overly burdensome. Employers are tapping into the skills of this talented group of professionals by hiring them for temporary jobs in accounting, human resources, marketing, and other fields. more

Career Exposure network shares tips for job seekers in a tight market

A tight employment market is creating new demands on job seekers according to The Career Exposure Network, a source of niche job sites for women, diversity, and MBAs. "With more candidates applying for each open position, standing apart from the competition is increasingly critical to getting the offer letter," stated JillXan Donnelly of "The rules for job seeking are changing and candidates need to switch up their game to make new connections and learn new skills that will get them noticed." more

Experts say dress the part if you want the job

The importance of presenting yourself properly in a job interview can't be overstated. Yes, it's about clothes, but think of yourself as a complete package - someone who not only looks professional, but conducts themselves in a professional way. Someone, who, in short, exudes competence and confidence. more

Why doesn't your old resume work anymore?

If your last job search was prior to 2001, you may be in for a rude awakening. You might be surprised to find that your old resume, which worked well for you before, is no longer attracting employers, headhunters and corporate recruiters. If you wondered, "What am I doing wrong?" it might not be you - it's probably your resume. more

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