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APRIL 25, 2008
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9 tips for keeping in touch with your tax clients year-round
Tax season is over, you've delivered the tax returns, put the files away, sent your invoices, caught your breath, and have told all your tax clients you'll see them next spring, right? Whoa! You don't have to wait until there's more snow on the ground to contact your tax clients.

Tax season is over, but 2008 tax planning is just beginning
While the tax season rush has now cooled, individuals shouldn't be putting tax season behind them just yet. Now's the time for taxpayers to take a look at their 2008 tax situation and start making changes to help minimize their tax come next tax season, according to CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business and a leading provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software and services.

Choosing a business structure
Many small businesses start to rethink their business structure at this time of year, right after filing a tax return and learning how much tax they owe for the preceeding year. Accountants are often called upon to help make the decision about restructing a business.

Stresses of tax season tell business owners to change their ways
It's not easy to find the up side of tax time, but some small businesses are discovering that the process shines the light on how to improve operations.

Time for a summer financial check-up
The lazy days of summer (they'll be here before you know it) offer a great opportunity for small business owners to take stock of their company's finances and make any necessary changes to their financial projections, especially their estimated tax payments.

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Editor's Note

It's so easy to say good-bye to your tax clients for the year. Accept their checks, assume they'll call you if they have a question in the months ahead, and start planning for how to organize your time better next tax season. But wouldn't it be nice to maintain a relationship with those clients all year, helping them with financial decisions, sending pertinent news and useful tips their way, and even finding ways to help them get their own records in better order? Start with "9 tips for keeping in touch with your tax clients year-round" and go from there - with luck the topics presented in this special Tax Planning Post Tax Season Bullet will trigger some good ideas for better client relationships.

Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor

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