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APRIL 11, 2008
This Issue's News Theme:
Disaster recovery, backup, and restore: Big challenges for small businesses
All too frequently, fires, local flooding, and human error threaten computer systems, communications, and the ability of a business of any size to sustain continuous operations. Before investing in some of the new backup and storage options, all businesses need to create a disaster recovery plan that encompasses the entire range of business risk in order to maintain their operations during a disaster or even through an outage lasting days.

How to protect data - a quick reference
The latest technologies and gadgets make it incredibly easy for your data to be stolen from right under your nose, unless you take steps to protect it.

Yes, it COULD happen to you: Keeping data secure
Anita Campbell, the voice of small business on AccountingWEB, woke up on Christmas morning to find that one of her Web sites had been hacked. That experience got her thinking about data security and resulting in her providing our readers with 10 tips for data breach prevention and response.

Serious security issues for accountants
AccountingWEB's bloggers from K2 Enterprises have provided our readers with a plethora of information about data storage security issues. Read about thumb drives, password protection, online data storage, and laptop security, and feel free to add your own comments and share your experiences.

The impact of compliance and risk management on archival storage strategies
Electronic net media such as e-mail and instant messages have changed business to business transactions. The bulk of important business transactions such as contract negotiations, order issuance and acceptance, corporate communications and marketing programs, supply chain management, service and support, and investor relations are now done primarily using the Internet and these electronic media.

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Editor's Note

My daughter spilled water in her laptop computer. Amazingly, the machine is still operational, kind of, however the water somehow short-circuited the monitor display so that the screen can only be seen if you shine a flashlight into its depths. This week she called and asked me to search her computer for an old file she needed, and it was an interesting experiment, handling the flashlight, and using a keyboard where some of the keys no longer function. In a way, you could say she found a way to protect her data from all but the most persistent hackers, but applying water torture techniques to computer equipment is hardly the most efficient means of data protection. The articles and blogs featured in this issue of the Bi-Weekly Bullet provide much better suggestions for storing and protecting data, so your water can be saved for drinking.

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