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MARCH 14, 2008
This Issue's News Theme:
How to write a better resume
Whether you're looking for your first job, hoping for advancement with your current employer, considering a job change, or just getting your records in order, maybe now is the time to make sure your resume is in good shape. Robert Half International offers some tips on building a good resume.

Improved soft skills help accountants advance
Accounting and finance professionals looking to advance their careers will need to improve their soft skills, according to Accounting Management Solutions, inc. (AMS), a New England provider of outsourced accounting, financial management, and recruiting services.

What's YOUR weakest link? Building a strong job search chain
Most job seekers understand that the job market has changed radically over the last few years. Sadly, however, many still hold to job-search assumptions that do not apply to our current market conditions. If you believe any of the following five statements, you could be dragging your job search out longer than necessary. Cut your job search time by knowing the truth about the job market and learning how to combat these assumptions.

Test your networking know-how
Networking is the development and maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships. It's not schmoozing, it's not handing out business cards, it's not selling, it's not marketing, and it's not small talk. Some of those activities might be part of networking, but be careful not to confuse form with function. Networking is a process that takes the right attitude, patience and organization.

Strange interview experiences: "I've got an unemployment allergy"
Conducting job interviews can be time consuming, but for many employers these meetings are far from boring. Executives were recently asked to describe the strangest pitches they've heard from potential hires. The responses ranged from a person who noted that he'd be a great addition to the company softball team to the candidate who sang her responses to interview questions.

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Editor's Note

Having worked for many years in public accounting and in private industry as well, I am well aware of the fact that March is not exactly a peak time for accountants to be out pounding the pavement. But that's all about to change, come late April, a time when many people in our profession have a bit of time to catch their breath, rethink their current status, and consider making a job change. Before taking action, consider ways in which you can make your current job into your dream job. But if you do decide to take flight, we hope that the articles presented in this special job search edition of our Bi-Weekly Bullet will be helpful.

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