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FEBRUARY 15, 2008
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Employers should plan now for spring interns
Organizations are being urged to take advantage of opportunities to host college interns during the 2008 spring academic term. Interns are not only added resources, but they will be the next generation of employee talent and this new workforce needs to develop as the time approaches when a vast number of Baby Boomers reach retirement age.

Open season on interns
The Internship Institute, the non-profit affiliate of Z, declares that this time of the year is "open season" for businesses and non-profit organizations to recruit interns and plan ahead to make summer programs successful. Z is a workforce readiness company dedicated to improve the quality of internship programs.

Top 5 business internship myths
Most managers carry general misconceptions about internship programs, but, by applying thoughtful planning and the right tools, they can realize their full potential. Z (ZU), a leading advocate of workforce readiness and innovator of internship management solutions, has identified a "top five" list of myths that organizations need to eliminate to get the greatest returns from an internship program.

Accounting internships: Where to find the jobs
If you're one of the many college accounting students who is hoping to land an internship this summer, you might be wondering where to start. Internships, like the firms that offer them, come in different packages. There are jobs at the Big Four, regional firms, and small firms. Some internships are paid and some are not. Some are full-time, some are part-time. Some are in your home town, some require relocation. Start by deciding what you're looking for, then you can use some of these tips to help zero in on the right job for you.

Majority of employers report offering full-time positions to interns
In an online poll of interns, found that 94 percent of employers offered full-time positions within the organization to interns upon completion of their internship.

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Editor's Note

It's February - so what are we doing talking about summer jobs? Well, as anyone who has had a summer job or who has tried to hire a summer employee knows, all the good ones are gone by early spring. So employers, even though you're swamped with work, take a little time to consider the summer hiring requirements and put some plans in action now, so that when you climb out of the busy season, you'll be prepared for the next workload. And students, even though you're writing papers, solving problems, and studying for tests, lay the groundwork now for that summer job you dream of, and get ahead of the competition.

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