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FEBRUARY 1, 2008
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Telecommuters count their blessings, one pair of sweats at a time
As employers are lowering their defenses and expanding the opportunities to work at home, more cubicle-bound employees are clamoring for these alternative work arrangements.

Thinking about a home office?
There are some great benefits to a home office. First, it's economical - no rent, no landlord. You can work whenever you want. That flexibility is another reason why having a home office is so attractive. Being able to stop long enough to have dinner with your family and not have to drive back to work is great. Working at home late at night is much nicer than being stuck in a lonely office building without air conditioning.

Tax reminders for businesses with home offices
In order to educate taxpayers, the IRS has provided this fact sheet which explains the rules for deducting home office expenses.

The Ten Cardinal Sins: Entrepreneurial errors you must never, never commit
I've never known an entrepreneur who started a business without making a few mistakes. Certainly, you'll be no exception. You'll make them, try to fix them, and then move on. However, some entrepreneurs fall into traps that are bigger than mistakes. They are, in effect, entrepreneurial sins.

Demystifying social networking
Social networking sites are here to stay in some form or other. They are ubiquitous, but will they continue to grow at a rapid pace trumpeting some other new widget? Yes, for the next 4-5 years at least.

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Editor's Note

It's a fact. More and more people are finding that they can have a fulfilling career while working at home. Home offices are a dream-come-true for working parents who are trying to juggle careers and family. And employers can save big bucks on insurance, real estate, and of course company cafeteria costs if their employees work off-site. But for anyone who has tried working at home or hiring telecommuters, you already know that it's not a cakewalk. Employees must have the discipline to do the work, and employers must have the ability to let go a bit and give some trust to their employees. But when the pieces fall in place, as the singers croon: life can be a dream.

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