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November 25, 2008
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Happy Thanksgiving from AccountingWEB!

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My Software is Better Than Yours
Public Relations - On a Shoestring Budget!
SEC Holds MTM Roundtable; Markets Soar on Rumored Treasury Pick
Business Valuation Conference

Questions & Advice
Accounting career uncertainty

I am a part time college student studying accounting and working in physical security for a multi-state utility. I guess with all of the uncertainty in the economy these days I am wondering if accounting is still the degree to get. Do you think there will always continue to be such a great demand for accountants or am I too late? Add your input!
Add your input!

FSA reporting

I would like to hear some opinions on the proper way of recording Medical and Dependent care Flexible Savings Account. On a Medical FSA an employee is able to immediately use their entire Plan amount. Should this amount be recorded as a liability on January 1? If the employee quits or is terminated the company is liable for the any amounts paid in advance. Also is there a way for the employer to have the employee repay advance amounts?
Share your suggestions today!

Featured Book
Internal Control Strategies: A Mid to Small Business Guide
by Julie Harrer

This book provides smaller, publicly traded companies with clear guidance on creating strong but streamlined internal control programs.

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Top News
Don't rush on mandatory withdrawals from retirement accounts

Some relief might be on the way for senior citizens required to start minimum withdrawals from their individual retirement accounts at a time when the stock market has blown a hole in their financial portfolios.
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IRS announces 2009 standard mileage rates
Payment options for late filers
CPAs offer tips for shopping smart and saving this holiday season
FASB to issue FSP FAS 140-4 and FIN 46(R)-8
Firm/State/People News
Life in the Big Four, Part II: Training

I was hired in the first year of Sarbanes-Oxley. Normally, recruits start in August, but that year they sent an e-mail out in February asking for volunteers to start in May.
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Maryland CPAs participate in ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
BKD launches new branding campaign
Tech News
Excel Tip: Add visuals to your headers and footers

Since Excel XP it has been possible to insert a picture into a custom header or footer. Our sister site, investigated some potential uses for this facility.
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Windows 7 beta is due in early 2009
BlackBerry Storm takes on the iPhone
Small Business News
Focus on thriving in a bad economy

Credit is tightening, portfolios are falling, and consumers are bracing. How can your business succeed in the current economy? Now more than ever you should rely on many tools and services available to the small business owner.
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Financial worries keep most employees awake at night
SBA offers new ways for small businesses to access capital
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