November 4, 2008
Editor's Note
Get out and vote! And remember that no matter what results today's election brings, there will be opportunities to provide your clients and employees with information about what to expect in the new administration and what effect the possible changes will have. What a great opportunity to communicate with your clients, co-workers, and colleagues!

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Ultramobile Accounting Workstation
Leadership during Difficult Times
Finding Orphaned Songs Within iTunes
What's Passion Got to Do With Success?

Questions & Advice
Purchase of Art for the office

Company is planning to purchase art for the office with a value of aprox $25K. What is the proper accounting for this purchase? Should it be expensed or capitalized? If capitalized, is this item depreciable? Thank you for your help. Add your input!
Add your input!

Inventory Policies and Procedures

I am currently working on policies and procedures in my office. Can someone help me with inventory policies and procedures? What about best practices?
Share your suggestions today!

Featured Book

by Gail Perry
Now you can take your Excel skills to the next level with help from this hands-on guide. Written by AccountingWEB's managing editor, Gail Perry, Excel 2007 Macros Made Easy shows you how to create, run, and revise macros to simplify repetitive tasks and store the instructions for complicated ones.

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Top News
Election Watch: Accountants choose McCain in election poll

In a recent online poll, accounting professionals selected John McCain as the next president of the United States. Over a period of four and one half weeks from September 30 to October 31, 2008, 49.4 percent of readers at, the online community for members of the accounting profession, chose McCain and Sarah Palin as their presidential and vice presidential favorites.
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IGAF Firms Interview with Ray Dunkle of Brockman, Coats, Gedelian & Company
Oklahoma CPA firms announce merger
Firm/State/People News
Pro-Bono work in a slow economy:
View it as an asset

What happens to pro-bono work when the economy sags? For forward-thinking firms, often the answer is, it increases. Before you react to a business slow down by laying off staff, consider the benefits of redirecting some of your workforce into pro-bono... and the cost of cutting back.
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Virginia CPA Society added to Top Place to Work list
Eide Bailly expands Boise practice with Keller, Young & Grover merger
Tech News
Green technologies may be key to leading country out of the red

Partly because of the recent financial downturn in the United States, public schools have often had to look to creative means to fund important programs and priorities. One California school district has turned part of its focus to saving and even making money via the use of renewable energy in the form of solar power.
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Excel Filtering 101
ExcelZone's Five Minute Pivot Table Tips - Index
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