August 12, 2008   

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There is an article this week about 1.6 million businesses that are in arrears to the IRS for withheld payroll taxes. This is money that has been stolen from employees over a period of 10 years and not remitted to the IRS on their behalf. Our tax dollars have been paying to cover these shortfalls because the IRS doesn't have the resources to go after all of these employers who steal from their employees when they can't make ends meet. We as a nation let people go on shopping sprees and amass credit card debt and then declare bankruptcy and walk away; we let people acquire mortgages they can't afford and then help them keep their homes; and we let employers get away with taking money from their own employees. We're awfully nice people. But why do we spend our money this way? What lessons do we teach? There is an election coming up. Remember, the people we elect make the decisions that affect how our taxes are used.

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Holding company
How should three companies be consolidated into one holding company using Peachtree software? Share your suggestions today!
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PeopleSoft - Workforce Rewards
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Jerry Davis, CPA:
Construction Practice Insider

What Is More Important, Relationships or Getting Paid?
Most successful CPA firms will tell you that it is all about relationships. That is easy to say when clients are successful and paying their fees. Now that the economy has slowed down, especially in the construction niche that our firm serves, these relationships are being put to the test. I am hoping this post will generate some discussion. I have a question that I am struggling with....

The K2 Team:
Accounting Technology Talk and More!

Fiber Optic Internet and New Software Business Models
I'm in the middle of getting fiber optic Internet installed today (through TDS, my phone company - even though I don't have a land line), and am excited about it. I'll post more, as well as some speed tests once I get things set up. Speed on....

The A-Team:
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I'm the technician
How many accountants do you know who suffer from the "I'm the technician" syndrome? You know what I mean, those types who shun everything to do with customer service and client communications, but are most likely excellent at the actual technical work....

Corporate Divestitures: A Mergers and Acquisitions Best Practices Guide
by William J. Gole, Paul J. Hilger

The book will focus on the practical application of best practices employed in the divestiture process. Its process orientation will present a structured approach that emphasizes disciplined execution, and the text will be supplemented by illustrative documents and application aids that will be able to be adapted for use in actual transactions.

Top News

Election Watch: Spectrum Group analyzes impact of certain Presidential candidate tax policies

When individuals talk about taxing the rich but giving breaks to normal middle class Americans, who are they talking about? What is "rich"? What is "middle class"? How do Presidential candidates define "rich" and and what impact will their policies have? more

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Has the IRS lost its appetite for collecting payroll tax?

Small Business News

Has the IRS overreached in audits of small businesses?

The National Small Business Association, a small business advocacy group, has launched a new Web site,, designed to uncover potentially abusive Internal Revenue Service audit tactics and inform its members about efforts by the IRS and Congress to use small business audits to enhance revenue. more

SEC sanctions four accounting firms not registering with the PCAOB
SEC charges microcap companies with harming investors

Firm/State News

Chicago CPA firms merge

Chicago area-based public accounting firm Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond, LTD. has announced its recent merger with Wolf, Weis and Horowitz, LLC. more

Indiana accountant arrested for embezzling, shoots himself
Minnesota accounting firm announces merger

Tech News

Microsoft tries to bluff users into liking Vista

Microsoft recently conducted an undercover test to determine public response to the controversial new Windows Vista operating system. "If people could see Vista first hand, they would like it" is the premise that Microsoft tested in what it called The Mojave Experiment last month. more

Intuit teams with Tommy Silk to create free Jingle Generator for small businesses
Is there life after Windows? Microsoft hints of new Midori operating system

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