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It's always exciting to see new legislation come down the road that will provide additional opportunities for accountants to continue to make a living. The new Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 that is awaiting President Bush's signature promises to befuddle many the taxpayer and, from an accounting standpoint, that is good news. Whether you agree or not that it makes sense to take the tax dollars paid by taxpayers who aren't having financial problems and siphon them off to people who have gotten themselves into housing messes, there's no argument that additional tangling of the Tax Code means more people will be knocking on the doors of their accountants. Is that why we keep voting for these legislators?

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Accounting for Insurance claim check
A reader's company had an insurance claim for a stolen laptop and needs to know how to categorize the insurance proceeds. Share your suggestions today!
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Accountant? Bookkeeper?
Can you help a reader distinguish between an accountant and a bookkeeper? Add your input!
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Ryan Williams:
Tech Better

Purchasing Windows XP
As you may or may not know, retailers can no longer sell computers with Windows XP preinstalled. Microsoft designated June 30, 2008 as the end-of-life for Windows XP. However, if you absolutely have to have Windows XP on your next computer there is another option....

Bill Kennedy, CA.IT, PMP:
Energized Accounting

Security Officer Goes Postal
The Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper ran a story about a city of San Francisco computer engineer who changed the security passwords on his employer's system. The system still works, but nobody can get in to set up new users, change passwords etc. The man, Terry Childs, is languishing in a local jail with bail set at $5,000,000. As an accountant, should you care?

Allan Boress, CPA:
Truth Be Told About Business Development Blog

Selling Fees Part 3: HOW To Discuss Fees
A good point to remember is that clients WANT to discuss fees; they feel relieved doing so. They don't like bad surprises in any of their buying decisions....

At Your Own Risk: How the Risk-Conscious Culture Meets the Challenge of Business Change
by Gary S. Lynch

Value chains. They define how your business is changing today due to globalization, technological advances, competition, outsourcing, and reliance on global interdependency. They also spell out how effectively your company identifies and manages risks that challenge your organization's resiliency.

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Top News

Senate passes Housing bill; Bush promises to sign

After several passes back and forth between the House and Senate, on Saturday, in a rare weekend session, the U.S. Senate voted 72 to 13 to pass the bi-partisan Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, a bill passed by the House last Wednesday. President Bush has indicated he will sign the bill into law in spite of several objections he has to the bill. more

PayPal turns over account records to IRS
Colorado man accused of bribing IRS agent with baseball tickets


Small Business News

10 Reasons (excuses) you're NOT blogging yet

Scott Ginsburg, aka "The Nametag Guy," was speaking recently at the St. Louis Business Expo, and a lot of people came up to him afterward with questions about blogging. Naturally, those questions came with a fair amount of reasons for NOT blogging. So, that inspired Ginsburg to write this list.... more

E-mail newsletters grow in popularity & help small businesses gain visibility
Business Intelligence on the rise among small businesses

Firm/State News

FEI announces 2008 Hall of Fame inductees

Financial Executives International (FEI), the association for financial executives, has announced that Susan Schmidt Bies, Ph.D., former member of the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve, and John F. Ruffle, former Chairman of the Board of FEI, have been selected as the 2008 class of inductees of the FEI Hall of Fame. more

HORNE LLP earns two nationwide marketing awards
LBMC Technologies to host annual technology event

Tech News

Levi Strauss blames profit drop on SAP enterprise software system

In its 10-Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the quarter that ended on May 25 this year, Levi Strauss said the $47 million drop in profits from the equivalent period last year reflected its implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system at the beginning of the quarter. more

IFRS in the USA: Be Prepared!
IAC University offers QuickBooks training online

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