July 22, 2008   

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I read today that a town in Illinois has passed legislation that requires people to pay a fine if they are caught wearing sagging pants in public. I'm somewhat speechless over this issue, but it does provide a good lead-in to today's top story about dressing for the job you want. I've often heard that when you want a promotion, you should dress for the job you aspire to instead of the one you currently hold. But who's to say if the person wearing drooping pants isn't dressing for the job he aspires to? I'd be very distressed if my elected lawmakers started telling me I can't dress in a way i feel is appropriate. Meanwhile - here's some additional food for thought. With so many large companies switching from strict business attire to a business casual atmosphere, is business casual the new business attire? Will young people entering the workforce today even know what traditional business attire means? And does that matter? Let me know what you think.

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Capital Gains on Residential / Commerical Real Estate
A reader wants to know how capital gain tax is computed on the sale of property that is part residential, part commercial. Share your suggestions today!
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Are there any good QuickBooks user groups out there?
A reader is looking for help with QuickBooks. Add your input!
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Ron Baker:
Firms of the Future

Book Review: Why Work Sucks and How To Fix It
Why does work suck? For the same reason the billable hour and timesheets suck: they are all based on an incorrect belief about work....

Barbara Bix:
The Top Line

Shortening the sales cycle starts with getting into buyers' minds
Last week, we discussed the importance of reducing the cost of sales-which I defined as the time it takes to prospect for new clients and close new business. This week, I'd like to discuss how to get started....

Jerry Davis, CPA:
Construction Practice Insider

What Is More Important, Relationships or Getting Paid
Most successful CPA firms will tell you that it is all about relationships. That is easy to say when clients are successful and paying their fees. Now that the economy has slowed down, especially in the construction niche that our firm serves, these relationships are being put to the test. I am hoping this post will generate some discussion. I have a question that I am struggling with....

Prepare for the Worst, Plan for the Best: Disaster Preparedness and Recovery for Small Businesses
by Donna R. Childs

We know, in our post–September 11/post-Katrina world, that disasters are increasingly catastrophic in impact. While major disasters cannot be prevented, you can equip your small business with the knowledge needed to mitigate your risks and recover quickly when they occur. Now in its second edition, Prepare for the Worst, Plan for the Best: Disaster Preparedness and Recovery for Small Businesses presents you with a structured, time-tested blueprint to help you evaluate your business in terms of its vulnerability and guide you through developing a cost-effective, individualized disaster and recovery plan.

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Experts say dress the part if you want the job

The importance of presenting yourself properly in a job interview can't be overstated. Yes, it's about clothes, but think of yourself as a complete package - someone who not only looks professional, but conducts themselves in a professional way. more

Survey finds companies underutilizing globalization strategies
IRS announces new deadlines for disaster-area tax return extensions

Small Business News

The risks in hiring new employees

Hiring new employees can be risky business for a small business owner. After spending a great deal of money and years building a business, it can all be damaged or lost in an instant with the wrong actions of an employee.

Small business owners dissatisfied with Washington leaders
Is it time for your company to add a sales team?

Firm/State News

A Conversation With... Harold Gaar: He's not your typical managing principal

Not all the key people in a CPA firm are accountants. Take Harold Gaar, for instance. He's the managing principal at TravisWolf, the seventh largest public accounting firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. In 1976, with a political science degree from Southern Methodist University, he went straight from school to a three year executive training program with Belo Corp, a large media company where he gained a broad base of management experience. more

New York accounting firm announces name change
Wisconsin CPA firm announces new principals

Tech News

Companies around the world join forces to repair massive Internet flaw

Imagine sitting at your desk and logging onto your bank's Web site to check you accounts. Everything looks normal - but after three failed attempts to log in you are told that you must contact your bank. Just minutes later your bank accounts have been emptied. This scenario might have been the work of science fiction until last week's announcement of a major design flaw in the Domain Name System (DNS) that runs the Internet. more

Microsoft slams window on sales of XP software
SEC Chairman Cox will speak at XBRL conference
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