July 8, 2008

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The Treasury has announced plans to offer debit cards as an option for Social Security payment recipients. In today's electronic society, this seems like a smart move on several levels, cutting costs for the government - and of course we can assume the government will funnel that savings right back into the Social Security fund to help stave off the impending onslaught of payments that will be owing as the floodgates are trampled by the army of retiring baby boomers, right? The only ones who will probably be hurt by this move are the companies that are in the business of providing check-cashing services. If any of you readers out there have clients in this area, please let us know how these companies are planning on dealing with this change.

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A Florida accounting student would like to hear about some real-life examples of using reversing entries.
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A reader is looking for assistance in determining how to depreciate leasehold improvements.
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Allan Boress, CPA:
Truth Be Told About Business Development Blog

Selling Fees Part 1: Why Is There Fee Resistance?
Many CPAs get beaten up on their fees -- unnecessarily. Why? This happens for several reasons: 1. The client deals with the CPA reluctantly Much of our business is created through no desire of the client, but because someone is telling them that they have to deal with a CPA, such as a bank requiring audited financial statements, or the annual 1040 or 1120 simply being too complicated and painful to do oneself....

Linda Cavanaugh, CPA:
Plugged In

Proposed Statement on Disclosure of Certain Loss Contingencies, an amendment of FASB Statements No. 5 and 141(R)
This proposed Statement is being issued due to concerns expressed by financial statement users that current disclosures on loss contingencies are not adequate. The concern is partly over quantitative disclosures and the "overuse" of the "not estimatable" criteria....

The K2 Team:
Accounting Technology Talk and More!

Fiber Optic Internet and New Software Business Models
I'm in the middle of getting fiber optic internet installed today (through TDS, my phone company - even though I don't have a land line), and am excited about it. I'll post more, as well as some speed tests once I get things set up. Speed on the line is advertised as 25Mbs down, 10Mbps up. Hopefully this will eliminate the occasional flutter in my VOIP conversations.

Executive Compensation Best Practices
by Frederick D. Lipman, Steven E. Hall

Executive compensation practices are under enormous scrutiny from activist shareholders, corporate governance rating groups, the media, and lawmakers. This public controversy over executive pay has resulted from the failure of compensation committees to use "best practices" in establishing CEO compensation and in the failure to adequately explain to shareholders both the methodology used and the growing competition for executive talent with private equity funds.

Top News

Debit cards are new option for Social Security recipients

People who receive Social Security can now get their monthly payments on a prepaid debit card, a new alternative to checks or direct deposit. more

July Tax Talk will address retirement plan pitfalls
Stimulus rebate payment program wrapping up
AICPA to offer IFRS training


Small Business News

Is the perfect employee really out there?

In today's competitive job market, small business owners often find themselves feeling the odds are against them in finding the right employee. Positions in accounting, information technology (IT) and sales are increasingly in high demand and require businesses to have human resource tools that are both competitive and strong enough to bring in the best possible recruits. more

Getting started with social media: Real life examples
Creating customer loyalty: Keep them coming back

Firm/State News

Deloitte is building new learning campus

Deloitte LLP has announced that it will invest approximately $300 million in the creation of a state-of-the-art learning and leadership development center in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area in Westlake, TX. Construction on the new facility will begin in 2009 and the center is expected to open in 2011. more

Baltimore area firms merge
Ohio CPA firm acquires Florida firm

Tech News

Excel Tip: Using the Excel camera feature

Here is an interesting technique for setting the print area on an Excel worksheet to include several individual, distinct areas. This is relatively easy to accomplish by holding down the Control key while selecting additional areas. However, if the print area is made up of separate areas, then Excel will print each on a separate page. One possible solution is to use Excel's little known camera feature. more

Survey results show many companies are unprepared for XBRL
Intuit hits 50,000-member milestone with QuickBooks ProAdvisor program

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