July 1, 2008  

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Liz Zitzow:
Far and Away: Offshore Taxation

Economic Stimulus Checks
Are you sick of calls regarding these yet? I know I am. These cheques are a sore spot with me, in that I find the economic stimulus checks to be one of the worst ideas anyone has ever invented. This is the third time a mid-year tax cheque has been offered in fifteen years. The last two were by Presidents eager for re-election. I'm afraid it was Bush Senior who started the whole ball rolling....

Michelle Golden:
Golden Practices

Individual Marketing Plans: The Permission You Need to Start Small
If you've never had a formal, written Individual Marketing Plan (IMP) --or just never had success completing one, try this....

Financial Reporting Blog

SEC Proposes Rules on Rating Agencies, Annuity Contracts, More
At its open commission meeting on June 25, the SEC voted to release for public comment rule proposals relating to credit rating agencies, regulation of certain annuity contracts, and foreign broker-dealers. Separately, the SEC agreed to adopt interpretive guidance and related rule amendments to streamline the rule filing process of Self Regulatory Organizations(SROs). Read our analysis of the results of the SEC meeting here....

IT Compliance and Controls: Best Practices for Implementation
by James J., IV DeLuccia

A considerable degree of attention has been placed on organizations to improve and disclose the state of Information Technology (IT) internal controls within the United States as a result of several regulations, most prominently, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, Section 404. Whether the result of a newly induced government mandate, a recent court ruling, industry trade groups, or from concerned stakeholders in the organization, these regulations have the ability to disrupt business. But no matter what the source, organizations are being strongly encouraged to have IT internal controls and to disclose these to the requesting parties. Dispensing invaluable insight into the complex world of interweaving government and industry mandates from around the world, IT Compliance and Controls provides a road map to effectively answer the question, "How much is enough?"

Top News

Online giant Amazon facing growing tax woes

The tax hurdles Amazon is experiencing in New York are spreading to other states. Amazon has eight distribution centers in eight different states that are operated not by Amazon but by wholly owned subsidiaries. Federal law dictates that states cannot collect sales taxes from a company without a brick and mortar presence. more

AMT relief passes House; Senate prospects unclear
Economy is down but benefits remain stable
CFOs rank heavy workloads, job security as top concerns

Small Business News

Lean & not mean: Simple management most effective

Thinking lean when it comes to running a company can bring significant advantages. Lean thinking is all about maximizing performance efficiency and end product or service value through the elimination of waste. The philosophy was originally developed for the automotive manufacturing industry, but experts claim that its applications are far wider. more

Lemonade entrepreneur wins NFIB small business video contest
Starting your own business in 30 days
Tax pitfalls you could face as a small business owner

Firm/State News

New Jersey CPAs donate $200,000 to childrens' charities

The J.H. Cohn LLP 17th Annual Charity Golf Invitational donated $200,000 to The Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation, two of the accounting and consulting firm's Cohn for Kids affiliated charities. more

Virginia CPA firm launches new brand identity
KPMG partner makes Top 25 Consultants list
Clifton Gunderson names new partners

Tech News

One billion PCs circle the world, number will double in 6 years

The number of installed PCs worldwide has surpassed 1 billion units, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner analysts estimate the worldwide installed base of PCs is growing just under 12 percent annually. At that pace, it will surpass 2 billion units by early 2014. more

Intuit cuts workforce by 7 percent
The Paperless CPA ... Or close to it

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