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FEBRUARY 12, 2008


Budgeting basics - Part I - Establishing goals Most people have a pretty good idea of how much they earn and how much they spend, and if you ask how much people have in their bank accounts, they can usually tell you. But few people really know where they spend all of their money, and fewer still have a method in place that allows them to keep track of the amounts they expect to earn, spend, and save for the long-term.

Congress passes stimulus bill, including tax rebate
On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed an economic stimulus bill designed to stave off a recession. The bill passed 380-34, complementing the Senate vote of 81-16 earlier in the day.

Evading taxes a capital offense in China
Wesley Snipes and Richard Hatch should be happy they don't live in China. Paying big tax penalty dollars is one thing, serving time in jail is another; but in China, those punishments are mere slaps on the wrist.

Firm/State News

Beard Miller Company announces several industry group leaders
Beard Miller Company LLP (BMC), a Mid Atlantic certified public accounting firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of several firm leaders to head its various industry groups. Industry group leaders are responsible for overseeing the firm's client service and new business opportunities in their respective industry groups.


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Anita Campbell:
The Complete Small Business Blog
Check Your Websites and Blogs for Unauthorized Links

There's a disturbing trend: small business websites and blogs are being hijacked by hackers to insert unauthorized links to ringtone, adult, and pharmaceutical sites. This activity is so sneaky, that your site could be compromised and spewing out hundreds of links to bad neighborhood sites, without you even realizing it. The hackers hide the links from public view....

David Tate, CPA, Esq.:
The Legal & Accounting Blog
Why People Settle Disputes--Why People Don't Settle Disputes

After 20 years of experience in disputes, litigation, settlement and mediation, I can conclude that people settle their differences for reasons that in fact are quite limited in number. Basically, the answer isn't technical or complicated, until you get into the details of the dispute or case. Similarly, the reasons why people do not settle their differences also tend to be limited in number. When working toward resolution of a dispute it is important to consider both why people do settle and why people do not settle...

Editor's Note

According to the not-for-profit National Priorities Project, a research organization that analyzes and clarifies federal data, the cost of U.S. involvement in the Iraq war is fast approaching $500 billion. There are lots of people on all sides of the political spectrum who worry about how our country can afford this expense, where the money is coming from, how future generations will be affected, and so on. And yet, our generous government just managed to pull another $150 billion out of its bottomless hat to provide tax "rebates" that are set to be mailed to nearly all U.S. taxpayers and millions of people who don't even pay taxes (which is why the word "rebates" is in quotes) this spring. This might sound like a good idea to you. Politicians certainly seem to think this technique will jump-start the economy, or at least their bids for reelection. For me, I'm getting more and more confused. Am I still supposed to worry about turning off the lights in empty rooms, walking instead of driving, turning down the thermostat in the winter? Or have we just thrown frugality completely out the window? Today's lead article about budgeting might be something our federal government needs to read.

Gail Perry

Tech News

The secrets of effective Web marketing
At a recent seminar with the Chartered Institute of Marketing at UK's Warwick University, National B2B Centre consultant James Pennington presented some pointers on how to make your website a more effective marketing mechanism.

Tech News

Thomson Tax & Accounting launches OneSource Tax
Thomson Tax & Accounting, a segment of The Thomson Corporation, has released OneSource Tax, a portal interface designed to help corporate tax departments easily access tax tools, manage workflows, and track key information.

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