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JANUARY 29, 2008


What will it take to be a top CPA in 2010?
These days, a number of factors are combining to make Certified Public Accountants more valued in the current marketplace than ever before - with even brighter prospects for the most qualified and skilled professionals in the foreseeable future.

SEC reaches settlement with Monster's McKelvey for stock options backdating
The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a settled enforcement action against Andrew J. McKelvey, the former Chief Executive Officer of Monster Worldwide, Inc., for his participation in a multi-year scheme to secretly backdate stock options granted to Monster officers, directors, and employees.

Tax breaks attract movie makers - and Johnny Depp? - to Wisconsin
Generous tax breaks that took effect at the start of this year are already attracting attention from movie and television companies looking to film in Wisconsin, officials say.

Firm/State News

Marks Paneth & Shron LLP merges with Schneider & Associates LLP
Effective January 1, 2008, Marks Paneth & Shron LLP, a full- service accounting firm with nearly 500 people, has merged with Long Island-based accounting firm Schneider & Associates LLP.


What have you got to say today?

The K2 Team:
Accounting Technology Talk and More!
Help, Help, It's Tax Season and I'm Being Upgraded!

Dear Brian: I have just ordered 3 new laptops and without even thinking purchased Office 2007. We have 13 machines, a mixture of desktops & laptops in our office and only the 3 new ones will have Office 2007. Am I going to have backward compatibility issues? I really do not want to upgrade everyone in the middle of tax season. Your thoughts would be very much welcome.

Eva Lang
aka BV Girl
The Disappearing Estate Tax

Last week I was at the Heckerling Tax Institute in Orlando where 3,000 estate tax attorneys gather annually to learn about current developments. Heckerling organizers are planning a conference for 2010 but will they need one? The estate tax will disappear completely in 2010 but will return in 2011.

Editor's Note

Whoa! Is that January that just flew by? Only two and a half more months and we can start getting some sleep at night again! And the sun will be shining when we come home from work! And we can start planting flowers and mowing the lawn! C'mon - one more spring busy season - keep the energy up. Sit up straight. Play some music in your office. Turn the lights up bright. Take little exercise breaks. Send a quick note home so your family knows you still care. Then back to work. Work. work. work. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Gail Perry

Tech News

Spreadsheet blip adds $140,000 to Arizona school payroll
A story emanating from the accounts department of the Tucson Unified School District is on its way to the spreadsheet hall of shame after teachers were paid an extra $141,114.38 at the beginning of January, 2008.

Student News

Student loans to be impacted by subprime lending crisis
Lenders that process federal Stafford loans and PLUS loans as well as private loan companies are expected to require students borrowing for the first time this spring semester to have higher credit scores, and may impose other changes to their policies.

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