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JANUARY 22, 2008


The flat world fitness challenge
Our spherical world has been declared flat once again. And if your company has any age on it at all, you've likely found that your "old way" of doing business fits about as well as the suit you wore 30 pounds ago.

Use online press releases to get prospects
Online press releases offer the ability to speak directly to a large audience that includes your best prospects and the media. The days of solely reaching the media alone via press release are over - press releases now have an extensive reach worldwide.

IRS names 20 new Advisory Committee members
The Internal Revenue Service has announced the selection of 20 new members of the Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee, which provides an organized public forum for discussion of relevant tax administration issues between IRS officials and representatives of the public.


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The K2 Team: Accounting Technology Talk and More!

Serious Security Issues for Accountants - Part 2 - When Was the Last Time You Changed All Your Secure Personal Passwords?

Is it even advisable to change all your passwords at one time? Are there any risks involved in changing all your passwords at one time? If you do this regularly, does this mean you need to get a life?

Ryan Williams: Tech Better

A Simple Useful Modification to MS Outlook's Deleted Items Folder

This is a simple modification to MS Outlook's deleted items folder that saved me a lot of time. It seems that I was constantly deleting emails by mistake. Being a "happy clicker" is what we call it (clicking the mouse button out of habit instead of with a purpose)...

Editor's Note

I'm so excited! This week we are featuring an article about a messy office contest! I know a lot about messy offices, and my own saga is an interesting one. I have a Jekyll and Hyde office personality. When I work in someone else's office, like at a company, my office is perfect. Everything is organized, all papers are always filed away, and I've even been held out as an organizational example (a good one, that is) when I work on site. But get me in my own office at home, and it's a completely different story. I'm one of these people who knows where everything is, even though it looks like a hurricane just swept through the office. There are piles and stacks everywhere. I don't understand why I can be two different people when it comes to office maintenance, but there you have it. I took the quiz on the mess office Web site and found that my office personality type (at least right how, when I'm working at home) is Whirlwind. I'm going to assume that's a good thing.

Gail Perry

Tech News

Google Desktop Search slows Excel
As reported recently on the "Daily Dose of Excel" site, Charles Williams of tried to find out what was causing the delays on certain versions of Excel when he tried to clear a large range of cells.

Lite News

Messy office contest offers big prizes
How messy is your office? Is it messy enough to be worth a $10,000 prize? That's the question MyFax, an Internet fax service, is asking office workers across North America.

Student News

Student-run investment fund outperforms S&P 500
The Madison Investment Fund works out of a 10 x 12 foot office in Zane Showker Hall on the campus of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Unlike most business schools in the country they don't have a Bloomberg terminal, a computer system that can monitor and analyze financial data in real-time.

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