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November 5, 2009    
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Publisher's Note
The odds of attending 19 Washington Nationals baseball games last season and watching them lose all 19 times were 1-in-131,204. This fact is according to Sports Illustrated in their story about such a man who witnessed these 19 woeful games. This story brought to mind a baseball math challenge that we had several months back.

Back to our Nationals challenge, what if the guy had seen 30 games where the Nationals lost them all? Still pretty good odds given how bad they were! What’s the answer? (The Nationals were 59-103).

The first ten people who post solid answers (not necessarily correct answers) will receive AccountingWEB baseball caps.

Rob Nance
Top News
The end of Microsoft Office Accounting
Microsoft is formally backing away from the small business accounting market after announcing that the Office Accounting program will no longer be distributed after November 16, 2009. In addition, the Microsoft Professional Accountant's Network (MPAN) will no longer accept new members as of that date.
Sports celebrities and their tax troubles
The more money people make, in many cases, the more trouble they seem to have turning over what is owed to Uncle Sam. Here's a rundown of several individuals who have enjoyed the fame and fortune in the past, and have now fallen under the much-less-desirable spotlight of the IRS.
What will Barack Obama do with his $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize?
The answer seems easy enough. If President Obama follows the examples set by most Nobel Prize recipients, he'll donate all or most of the prize money to qualified not-for-profit organizations.
PPC and AuditWatch Conference on Accounting and Auditing Issues in Turbulent Times in Washington DC!
PPC and AuditWatch Conference   Dynamic—volatile—This is the world of Accounting and Auditing today!
   Join us for a conference designed to provide practitioners who have accounting and audit practice responsibility with the knowledge, techniques, and tips to best help their clients. Sessions at this conference will address current and relevant issues such as estimating and auditing fair value, FIN 48, going concerns, idle assets and impairment issues, debt and business restructuring.
   • Washington, D.C. (JW Marriott Pennsylvania Avenue)
   • December 3 - 4 (Conference) | December 2 (Optional Pre-Conference)
   • 16 - 20 CPE credits
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Featured Articles
Interpersonal skills can trump technical knowledge in job search
Having a winning personality has always helped in making friends or getting a date, but a recent survey confirms it also opens doors in the job search. When presented with accounting or finance candidates who possess similar qualifications, 31 percent of CFOs interviewed said applicants’ people skills would tip the balance.
Web site strategy development: A key decision
When an accounting firm is ready to build its first Web site or upgrade an existing site, the first analysis should be the strategic purpose of the Web site. Without developing the core strategy, the process will be very difficult and probably not benefit the firm in the long run.
ADP is all about business solutions
When it began in 1949 as Automatic Payrolls, Inc., it was a small manual payroll processing service for businesses located in northern New Jersey. Now with 60 years of experience, ADP (Automatic Data Processing, Inc.) is one of the largest providers of business outsourcing solutions to the world.
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Firm/State/People News
More tightening for California CPAs: Peer Review
The latest legislation geared toward bringing California CPAs into alignment with other states is the mandatory peer review. By requiring peer review, California joins forty-one other jurisdictions that do the same.
California tightens restrictions on CPAs
It’s not often that a bill passes unanimously. But when the California legislature voted on AB117, a bill that will regulate the state’s CPAs, there was not a single “no” vote cast. The bill was introduced at the request of CalCPA, which shares with legislators the goal of increased transparency.
Ohio CPAs teach local students ‘Smart Money Management’ skills
On November 12, fifth-grade students at Brecksville-Broadview Heights Central School in Brecksville, OH will play the stock market and learn the risks and rewards of real-life investing from CPAs with Howard, Wershbale & Co. (HWCO) in Cleveland.
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What do you have to say today?
Understanding the 150 hour rule
Current and prospective accounting students often don't understand the 150 hour rule. That's "understandable" (I couldn't resist!) because what we refer to as a rule is anything but standardized.
Why Can't the First Time Homebuyer Credit Fraud be Prevented?
Frankly, the reasons are nonsense. And if those are the reasons, Congress has time to fix them right now, while they are preparing the First Time Homebuyer Credit extension and expansion for a vote next week.
FASB, IASB To 'Retriple' Efforts To Meet 2011 Convergence Deadline
This week is stacking up as a big one on the global accounting convergence front, with FASB Chairman Robert Herz calling on Wednesday for 'retripling' the two boards' efforts toward meeting their 2011 convergence target established in the FASB-IASB MOU.
Don't Manage Me!
It was clear that the nice young man across the table was using a well designed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package. He had everything at his fingertips. The problem is that CRM is no substitute for an actual relationship.
Need Ideas in Calculating Full-Time Equivalent for R&D Employee
I need to calculate the FTE for R&D employees . along with salary, benefits, employer paid payroll taxes, can I bring in items like recruiting fees, training subscription and materials, lab supplies, relocation fees, lab space, and what about General OH or can I only use direct employee costs?
Add your input!
Best air travel sites
Can anyone offer suggestions as to the best sites for finding good deals on airfares?
Share your suggestions!
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Phone Call from Mrs. Claus Ho Ho Hello!
It's almost that merry time of year again, and Mrs. Claus is on the lookout for all good boys and girls! All sons and daughters of accountants can sign up for a real, live phone call in December from Mrs. Claus. You know, she's got Santa's ear! Click here for full details.
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