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November 4, 2010    
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Publisher's Note
Rob Nance, Publisher The Great Equalizer comes in many forms: the pub, the tuxedo, and the Internet are worthy examples. Most folks get a bit nervous giving an important presentation, meeting with a high-powered CFO, or other similar circumstance. A CPA in Minnesota brought up the saying “people are people” to me on the phone the other day. That’s a great reminder, especially when we all get stressed over “The Big Meeting” or critical business pitch. Working with a busy CEO or the business owner of a little dry cleaning shop, there’s really no difference. People are people. Thanks, Ed in Minnesota.

While having lunch in England a couple of weeks ago with Paul Beare of our Bloggers Crew, we chatted a bit about accounting culture differences. Generally speaking, people like to do business with people they like and respect. Paul is most definitely on this list. Give his insightful and entertaining blog postings a read if you have not already done so.

Paul is now the proud owner of a handsome AccountingWEB Snuggie. Register to win one here!

Rob Nance

Top News
Economic confidence rises in Q3; CFOs plan to hire
Chief financial officers are slowly but surely easing from the recession, and are finding new opportunities to hire, despite unemployment levels remaining historically high.
Women in accounting feel dissatisfied with career, not equally compensated
Forty-seven percent of women in accounting and finance are satisfied with their careers and only 19 percent believe they are equally compensated for their work as compared with their male counterparts.
Survey: Finance executives would delegate administrative duties first
If financial executives could get one thing off their plates, it would be administrative tasks, according to a recent survey by Robert Half Management Resources.
It isn’t about surviving in a global market. It’s about succeeding there.
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Featured Articles
Learn to spot occupational fraud, resolve gaps
How much fraud is occurring in your organization? None, you say? Hold on before you commit to that answer! You might just be surprised at the amount – and the fact that it is probably going on without your knowledge or suspicion.
Assessing your company's fraud risk
The most recent study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), The Report to the Nations – 2010, indicates that, on average, an organization loses 5 percent of top-line revenue to internal fraud.
How to strengthen the CPA/attorney relationship
There’s nothing better than a warm referral, and most CPAs are always on the hunt for new sources. One great potential lead source that is often overlooked is the attorney who practices in areas that are complementary to their expertise.
The job of marketing has changed
Marketing has never been hands-on the way that sellers were when they made cold calls or went to client sites to make presentations. Sellers worked more with the buyer; marketers worked more with the solution, the brand, and the general demography of possible buyers.
Five ways to improve rocky relationship with your boss
Would you like to be more appreciated by your boss? Feel more comfortable approaching him or her with requests? Stop worrying about what he thinks of you? Why not do something about it?
Tax Talk Today Launches New 2011 CPE Plan – 15 CPE Credits, $187.50
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Firm/State/People News
AICPA competition to introduce high school students to CPA profession
The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has launched the Clearly Pretty Awesome Competition for high school students to introduce them to the CPA profession.
Company announcements: Week of November 1
Following is the latest roundup of firm news for the week of November 1, 2010.
Former KPMG Chairman Hanson dies at 84
Walter E. Hanson, former chairman of KPMG, died last month after a long illness at his home in Newport Beach, California. He was 84.
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What do you have to say today?
What I learned from my rental car bus driver
A rental car bus driver, in a 5-minute ride, made such an impact on his passengers that there was a line to give him money!
What the election results mean for you
Election night was a huge and historical night for Republicans, but what does it mean? Will we see massive changes in Washington? Will key pieces of health care be repealed? Will the economy suddenly get better? The answer, of course, is no.
Texas and Amazon: Another nexus battle
Amazon operates a distribution center in Texas, but the distribution center is owned by a subsidiary and not the Amazon entity that sells goods online. Amazon has argued that the online company does not have nexus in Texas. Texas seems to disagree.
SEC releases report On IFRS workplan
The SEC published its first progress report on its IFRS Workplan. The workplan outlines six major areas the SEC believed further research and outreach was required.
Senior financial analyst has freezer inventory question
If a freezer is full of product, what is the best procedure to be comfortable that what is on the inventory listing is physically present in the freezer?
Add your input!
Looking for software to e-file prior year 1040s
Can anyone recommend a program that can support e-filing of prior year 1040s?
Share your suggestions!
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The Sleeter Group - Accounting Solutions Conference - November 8-11, 2010
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