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October 29, 2009    
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Publisher's Note
Rob Nance, Publisher Watching the TV program “The Office” the other night I started thinking about office life, what irritates people and also the positive aspects of office life. People who use the last of the coffee and do not make a new batch are right at the top of the “bad list.” You know who does this in your office, am I right? Hopefully it’s not you!

As with general society, business language has its own trends and fads. I really do not like the word “monetize.” What business terms are you sick of hearing? Speak out. You can do so anonymously if you like. The accounting world wants to hear from you!

Rob Nance
Top News
First Time Home Buyer's Credit riddled with fraud at taxpayers' expense
Before Congress votes to extend or expand the popular First Time Home Buyer’s Credit (FTHBC)… they might want to take a look at the report just out from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). The purpose of the report was to determine whether there were “controls in place that effectively identify erroneous claims for the credit.” The answer… a resounding “no.” In fact, this short-lived credit has already racked up bogus payouts in the neighborhood of $636 million.
FASB wants more investor input
A recent FASB Webcast, “The Investor, an important voice in standard setting,” examined, from the investor perspective, how the Board accomplishes its mission, “To ensure that financial statements provide ‘decision useful’ information for customers of financial accounting information -- investors, analysts and others who participate in investment decisions.”
Microsoft announces free business intelligence tool
The tool formerly known as "Project Gemini" has been officially dubbed Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010. This data analysis tool will enable Excel 2010 users to analyze very large data sets in seconds.
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Featured Articles
Defined Benefit 401ks set to make their debut
401k Nest Eggs Small business owners have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to a qualified retirement plan for the company. It can range from a Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE) to a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) to a 401(k). But now there’s a new kid on the block.
Three tricks for formatting rows in Excel
I'm sure that you've worked with data sets in Excel where the information starts blurring together. In this article I discuss several techniques that I use avoid getting lost in the forest.
New CCH product suite demonstrated to accounting professionals
CCH introduced and demonstrated its new ProSystem fx Suite to 1,000 tax and accounting professionals at the company’s annual CCH User Conference in National Harbor, MD this week.
Calculators May Be Everywhere, But Accounting Professionals Use Monroe
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Firm/State/People News
Virginia CPA firm participates in leukemia and lymphoma fundraiser
Ryan, Sharkey & Crutchfield, LLP The Reston, VA-based CPA and consulting firm of Ryan, Sharkey & Crutchfield, LLP (RSC) recently joined the fight against blood cancer by raising funds for and participating in the Light the Night Walk for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).
INSIDE Public Accounting releases 2009 Benchmarkeing Report
INSIDE Public Accounting has releases its 2009 IPA National Benchmarking Report, the annual collection of economic and management statistics about the accounting profession.
Survey: Highest performing CPA firms know how to leverage technology
Creating a long-term sustainable business advantage is the key to success for accounting firms, in both good and challenging times, yet some firms do it better than others. What’s their secret?
What do you have to say today?
2 > 2 X 1 (Accounting Can Be Lonely)
Accounting can be lonely. So much of what we do is by ourselves. I was at a the finance committee meeting of a charity last week. We were discussing how much money the charity needs to have on hand as a contingency fund....
Equity Management: Easy as 1-2-3
As the founder of Two Step Software, I've been asked numerous times how to simplify the many complex aspects of equity management....
Twitter Tidbits
Are you wondering about how to make the best use of Twitter? If the “sold out” attendance at Seltzer Design’s program on social media is any indication, I think many people are....
Invoicing Best Practices
Invoicing customers is a critical function of most organizations and good invoicing practices result in better collections of receivables.
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