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August 27, 2009

Publisher's Note
The British government issued guidelines for civil servants using Twitter. To explain the service, which transmits messages of no more than 140 characters, the government published a 20-page document. Governments and bureaucracies tend to overdo it at times, don’t they? Can anyone say “tax code?”

As we slide into autumn, perhaps it’s a good time to take stock and look at ways to simplify. Or, you could post a 20-page document by the office coffee maker on “How to Brew Coffee.” Good luck with whichever direction you choose.

Rob Nance
AccountingWEB, Inc.

Is Your Auditor M.I.A.?

Bernanke Reappointed Chairman Of FRB; Kroeker Appointed Chief Accountant of SEC

Client Acceptance and Retention Evaluations--the Good, Bad and the Ugly

Small Business: Net Operating Loss Carryback

Questions & Advice

Is Earning before tax and Earning before tax including Non-controlling interest the same?
I would like to know is Earning before tax and Earning before tax including Non-controlling interest the same?
Share your ideas!

Deferred Income
I have a scenario whereby we are passing on support contracts with the sale of IT hardware. The support contract is not managed through ourselves, but the manufacturer of the hardware. We are merely passing through the costs, and making a small margin whilst doing so. Can I assume that I should still treat this as deferred income, even though the contract isn't actually with us?
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Top News
FDIC "FDIC expects FAS 166 and 167 to increase bank capital requirements
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) directors agreed at their August 26th Board meeting that banking organizations affected by new accounting standards generally will be subject to higher minimum regulatory capital requirements. more >>
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Soon, Americans might be facing yet another shortage, and this one feels very personal. more >>
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Language "Reach out" and "interface" with "cutting edge" "game changers"
The workplace is overwrought with cliches, buzzwords, and industry jargon, often leading to a "disconnect" between coworkers. more >>
Intuit introduces ProLine as new SaaS tax software product
Intuit Inc. has announced its new ProLine Tax Online Edition, a program for tax professionals that is free for a limited time. more >>
CCH KnowledgeConnect brings knowledge management to accounting firms
Accounting firms can now capitalize on their greatest asset – their own expertise – by easily asking and answering questions and capturing their exchanges with CCH KnowledgeConnect. more >>
Looking for a new niche? Consider payment card compliance
Some accountants are finding a new stream of revenue among clients who are merchants: payment card compliance services. more >>
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Firm/State/People News
Trophy Dennis Reigle receives Beta Alpha Psi President’s Award
Dennis Reigle, director of academic and career development at the AICPA, has received the President’s Award from Beta Alpha Psi. more >>
New Web site provides insights into financial planning for retirement decisions
The American University has launched a new Web site designed to help financial service professionals better understand the complex retirement decisions facing consumers. more >>
Daszkal Bolton announces two new hires and five promotions
Daszkal Bolton LLP, a certified public accounting firm headquartered in Boca Raton, announced two new hires. more >>
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