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August 20, 2009

Publisher's Note
My coffee at the local coffee shop on Monday morning was free. I ordered the coffee at the counter, the guy went to get the coffee, and I plopped my $1.50 beside the register. When he returned to the counter with the coffee, he remarked, "Your coffee is free today." He explained that someone who was in shortly before me paid for their coffee--and for the next person who entered the store. This “pay it forward” occurrence made my day. Upon leaving the store, I decided that I would do the same thing the next time I am in the coffee shop.

What has your accounting firm or accounting department done this year to “pay it forward?” Please tell our readers.

Rob Nance
AccountingWEB, Inc.

Listen to What the Experts Tell Us!
Every time I attend a marketing conference and the subject turns to business development (also known as ‘sales’), the same words of advice are always repeated: Listen, listen, listen.

Generating Valuable Word of Mouth Referrals!
How do you generate leads? Larger firms often have the advantage of budgets that include line items for advertising, direct mail and exposure through sponsorships – to name a few tried and true tactics.

USPAP 2010-2011 Will Be Available October 1, 2009
The Appraisal Foundation announced recently that the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) adopted revisions for the 2010-2011 edition of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Brown Bag Lite Cartoon Series


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Featured Articles
UBS Swiss Bank UBS agrees to reveal U.S. secret accountholders
UBS agreed on Wednesday to turn over identifying information on 4,450 accounts which the IRS believes hold undeclared assets belonging to Americans. more >>
Mortgage loan fraud increasing
The number of Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) investigations of mortgage fraud and associated financial crimes is on the rise. more >>
SEC investigating accounting scandal at Huron Consulting
Huron Consulting LLP, the Chicago firm formed in 2002 by 25 partners defecting from Arthur Andersen, revealed in an 8-K on July 31 that it would restate its earning for 2006, 2007, and 2008. more >>
FASB may extend fair value to loans
The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has decided to move ahead with a proposal to extend mark-to-market accounting (FAS 157, Accounting for Fair Value) to loans and other securities. more >>
Senior-level accountants will devote more time to non-traditional functions
Chief financial officers surveyed said they expect issues outside of traditional accounting functions to occupy 40 percent of a senior-level accountant's time five years from now. more >>
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Featured Articles
Gold ring and hundreds The ‘Big 8’ Generally Unacceptable Accounting Principles
The application of accounting principles is not based on fact, case law, statutes, regulations, code, truths, or empirical scientific evidence. more >>
Different generations in the workplace can collaborate successfully
We hear that older generations are technophobes who resist working in the way the younger generations do and will not bridge the gap technologically. more >>
PCAOB reporting rules to take effect October 12
PCAOB rules requiring reporting by registered public accounting firms were approved by the SEC on August 13, 2009 and will take effect on October 12, 2009. more >>
ID theft: Do I really need to worry?
Even if you do everything right, you could still become a victim to ID theft. more >>
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Firm/State/People News
Not Hiring Will calculate for food
Wilson Lauture, a Stamford, CN accountant, isn't taking his recent layoff standing still. Well, in a way, he is, but not in the way you might think. more >>
Techies are poised to lead economic recovery
Technology executives believe that the technology sector will recover from the current economic crisis substantially more quickly than the U.S. economy. more >>
Parente Randolph and Beard Miller Company announce intent to merge
Two of the top 40 accounting and consulting firms in the United States – Parente Randolph LLC and Beard Miller Company LLP – announce their intent to merge. more >>
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