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July 15, 2010    
Cougar Mountain
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Do You Know At-a-glance Where Your Business Stands – Financially?
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Publisher's Note
Rob Nance, Publisher Many public accounting firms do client surveys. If you’re in public accounting now, or you have been in the past, comments from clients probably still rattle around in your head from time to time. Think back to clients who have raved about you!

While surveys certainly have their purpose, it appears that the ease of creating and dispersing surveys has resulted in them becoming far too common and widespread. In the past week, for example, I have received questionnaires via e-mail and/or postal mail regarding recent hotel stays, HVAC maintenance, a tennis club, an auto service appointment, Ticketmaster, and an insurance company. I appreciate that these businesses want to better themselves but, really, enough’s enough!

Rob Nance
Top News
Finance execs: Many candidates lack critical thinking, problem solving abilities
Business people silhouettesSkill sets beyond technical knowledge are critical when it comes to employing experienced accounting professionals most effectively, according to a recent report by Grant Thornton LLP.
PCAOB proposes new auditing standard on confirmation
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board this week approved for public comment a proposed audit standard on confirmation, which is designed to strengthen current requirements under the auditing standard.
AccountingWEB LIVE! Conference to offer engaging sessions, CPE credit
AccountingWEB, the leading online media company for accountants, will be presenting the AccountingWEB LIVE! Conference on Tuesday, September 14, at the BWI Airport Marriott in Baltimore.
AICPA's tax accountants get immersed in tips, new law, and sunshine
Tax practitioners are meeting this week in the heat of southern Florida to learn about the latest tax tips and tools that they can use to improve their practices, as well as getting an update on what is going on in Washington.
Do You Know At-a-glance Where Your Business Stands – Financially?
Cougar MountainMost accounting software offer reports that you can wade through to find out how your business is performing – your balance and income statements, your cash flow, and a financial analysis report. Tied to our General Ledger Cougar Dtails, A Financial Dashboard allows you to see quickly in graphical form, your profit and loss, cash flow and key financial indicators, all on one screen. Watch a FREE video of our financial dashboard today.
Featured Articles
How to use social media to find your next role
Social media mixSocial media is a great way to increase your profile and get recognized. Here are seven top tips to use social media to help you find your next job.
Accounting errors, fraud are common problems for small businesses
Experts say the difference between errors and fraud is a question of intent. When it’s your money, does it really matter?
Managing medical marijuana use in the workplace
For employers with operations in the 14 states that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, it is a difficult task to juggle the need for a drug-free workplace environment and the rights of employees who have prescriptions to legally use marijuana.
AICPA offers white paper to help CPAs, financial pros obtain federal training grants
The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has published a free white paper to help CPAs and financial professionals understand and locate federal economic stimulus grants for training and specialized certifications.
Learn How to Profit from Payroll—Without Actually Processing It myPay Solutions
Register for our free panel-discussion webcast and be entered to win a $500 Apple gift card. Using the myPay Solutions business model, real accountants will show you how they’ve grown your practices, enhanced their images as full-service firms, increased their client loyalty, and improved their revenue per client. Register today or call 800.968.8900 to learn more.
Firm/State/People News
Former Arizona congressman's accountant convicted of embezzling insurance premiums
Gavel in handsDwayne Lequire was found guilty by a federal jury in Tucson, Arizona, last week of eight counts of embezzling insurance premiums and one count of conspiracy.
After the convictions: Wesley Snipes, Richard Hatch, Method Man
In 2009, rapper Method Man, whose real name is Clifford Smith, was arrested on felony tax evasion charges, accused of not filing tax returns for 2004 through 2007. His defense was pretty self-incriminating.
Web site community looks to build upon its "hip quotient" with release of hip hop single
How do you change perceptions about the accounting profession? Well, if you are the folks behind The Passionate Accountant.com, you release a hip hop single and mobile phone ringtone, naturally.
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SuccessLearn how to use e-mail marketing to fuel revenue in your firm. In this live webcast, Brenda Sleeper and Andrew Lorenz will provide you with insights as to how accounting firms are using e-mail marketing to position their firms as thought leaders, communicate relevant value-added information on a timely basis, and drive business development initiatives. In today’s business environment, the new buzzword for marketing is “nurturing." Learn how you can use e-mail marketing tools to nurture your clients, prospects, and referral sources.
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The Only KPIs Your Firm Will Ever Need
We have all heard the famous saying often referred to as the McKinsey Maxim, named after the famed consulting firm, "What you can measure you can manage."
Becoming More Profitable in Your Engagements
Are you starting to get concerned that your services are being perceived as too costly for current clients or prospective clients?
Most Common Workplace Lies
Statistics vary when it comes to how much businesses lose annually as a result of employee dishonesty, but employee theft, creative timesheet-shifting, and misuse of company property/resources can present problems for firms.
No Excuses for Ketchup
It came to my attention that my last entry was nearly one month ago. For someone who is in transition, an excuse could be made that I have been too busy to find time to write. But I have always made the time to do things that are important.
Vending machine
We are getting a vending machine for our small office here. We will record the vending machine as an asset and depreciate it. But what about the snacks and pop to fill it?
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Tax mitigation: Foreign national from UK doing business in U.S.
In the UK, depending on the profitability of the entity, it is sometimes advisable to incorporate and trade via a Limited company to reduce the overall tax liability/burden of the business.
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