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May 21, 2009

Publisher's Note
"We are technicians," said Accountant Joe. "We are not meant to sell. I do great work, then the clients refer me." In the office next door, Accountant Jeff replied, "Sure, the quality of the work has to be there, but we have to market ourselves and constantly develop and refine our own personal brands." Remarked Accountant Joe, "Hogwash!"

This is probably a familiar scene to all of us. I suspect you and every single one of AccountingWEB's nearly 130,000 weekly readers can name names on this scenario! How does this tug-of-war play out in your workplace? I want to hear from you.

Rob Nance
AccountingWEB, Inc.

COBRA and the ARRA

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Monitoring Internal Control

Social media adoption: How will marketing spending patterns change?

Questions & Advice

Transfer pricing issue

Two companies have an external consortium with one client.... If the offshore company insists that the PO should be placed by onshore company it means onshore company margin reduces and offshore company margin increases. Is there not a transfer pricing issue here with shifting margin from one country to the other even though that is not the direct intention?
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Machine inventory

My company has a machine that has been a rental unit for the past two to three years. The client is getting a new machine soon and we will receive the old one back from them at that point. We have lined up a buyer for the machine and the value of the machine will be approximately $1500 ($3385 cost less $1885 depreciation). How do I enter the machine into inventory so that we can sell it, or does it need to be added to inventory?
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Deloitte study reveals tension regarding the use of social media in the workplace

Although the downturn has proven tough for workers, those who are still employed say they're gaining more from the experience than just managing to keep their jobs. Seventy-seven percent of professionals interviewed cited at least one positive effect the recession has had on their jobs. more >>
Recession inspires mothers to return to school; business, accounting popular options
New Jersey is offering tax amnesty program
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Featured Articles
'Bad guy' tax preparers keep courts busy

Even with government agencies that include the Secret Service and the Tax Division of the Justice Department working with the Internal Revenue Service to identify offenders, there is no shortage in the number of tax preparers accused of engaging in fraud.
more >>
FEI Committee on Taxation urges Congress to help U.S. businesses stay competitive
Louisiana State students use gala to raise cash for needy
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Firm/State/People News
A Conversation With Hadassah Baum: Executive Director of Beta Alpha Psi

Some people let barriers - like glass ceilings - determine their career paths. Then there is Hadassah (Dassie) Baum who meets a hurdle, revs her engine a little higher, and finds a way around. more >>
BKD announces merger with Dallas-based KBA Group
North Carolina-based accounting firm announce merger with Florida firm
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