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May 13, 2010    
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Publisher's Note
Rob Nance, Publisher Do you have any clients you would classify as being "tax rebels?" Thoreau was a tax rebel. Yes, the author of Walden, Henry David Thoreau, declined to pay the dreaded poll tax in July of 1846. He mainly did so because the tax revenues supported slavery, which he vehemently opposed. Thoreau only spent one night in jail as a result, but he made his point.

The world would be far worse off without brave souls who have taken risks in the spirit of the betterment of man. Christopher Columbus, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King, Jr. are certainly fine examples of people who moved forward to conquer their respective missions despite what naysayers around them may have said or done.

AccountingWEB salutes everyone who takes chances, stands up for what they believe, and does what is right instead of simply following the crowd!

Rob Nance
Top News
Amazon denies North Carolina’s request for tax-related information
AmazonNorth Carolina has raised the ire of online retailer Amazon by beginning an audit of its compliance with state sales and use tax laws. The state has asked Amazon for the names and addresses of residents who have purchased items on the site since 2003 in order to collect taxes.
Report: IRS must improve verification techniques to prevent ID theft
The Internal Revenue Service must do more to protect the identity of taxpayers calling its toll-free assistance lines, a recent report concluded.
COBRA premium subsidy extended for third time
Congress has extended eligibility for the COBRA premium subsidy for two months as one provision of The Continuing Extension Act of 2010 enacted April 15th.
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Featured Articles
The buzz on Google Buzz business applications
LaptopOnce the excitement over the launch of Google Buzz – and the privacy debate that followed – died down, users needed time to assess what it could do, particularly because the only available instructions came in the form of a two-minute video. If you are prepared to accept Google’s direct involvement in your social networking, what does Buzz offer the business user?
Healthy workers mean happy, more productive workers
Why should employers care about the fitness of their staff? It’s simple – healthy workers mean happy workers, which means they’re more likely to stay on with the company and perform their duties better and with more enthusiasm.
When disaster strikes, ensure corporate relief efforts are legal, effective
It is critical to ensure that any company-sponsored charitable efforts are legal, transparent, effective, and consistent with the company’s business ethos and approach.
Health Care Reform Webcast Vern Hoven
Find out how your clients will be affected by this important new tax legislation. Don’t miss this live webcast featuring top tax instructor Vern Hoven discussing the individual and business provisions included in the Act and their effective dates. Make sure your clients avoid penalties and get the tax credits they are entitled to. Qualifies for 2 CPE hours. View dates/register today!
Firm/State/People News
Fear factor: Intimidating print, TV ads used in amnesty program
Laptop eyesTax amnesty can be an effective way for a taxing authority to quickly fill its coffers, clear a lot of names off the delinquency list, and help balance the budget. States do it from time to time, though critics warn that it can undermine regular collections if taxpayers begin to sense a pattern.
Inspired by a coworker with MS, Sullivan & Company walks for the National MS Society
When Michele Dandurand had to leave Providence, RI-based CPA firm Sullivan & Company in July of last year due to complications from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, it was a difficult transition.
INSIDE Public Accounting to name top 200 firms
For more than 20 years, INSIDE Public Accounting has compiled the annual IPA Top 100 accounting firms, the IPA Best of the Best managed firms, the IPA All-Stars, and, new in 2010, IPA will name the “Beyond the IPA Top 100” – a list of the nation’s Top 200 accounting firms.
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Monty Python on Auditors, Accountants, and Embezzlement
If you love the gang from Monty Python as I do, and you are a Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Accountant, auditor, controller, accounting manager, or bookkeeper, then you will love this video and especially appreciate the amusing exchanges between this board of directors, which includes a member of the clergy, no less.
When is SSARS No. 19 Applicable?
SSARS No. 19, Compilation and Review Engagements, applies to any engagement for a non-public entity in which financial statements are submitted to the entity.
Journalism to...Accountancy?
This question has been posed to me in nearly every job interview. The question is usually asked in one of three ways: How? Why? Both? The answers have become routine. But in this forum, I can describe a bit more of the “How and the Why.”
Are We Headed Toward a VAT (Value Added Tax)?
When I look at the huge deficits the U.S. has amassed and continues to run up, I see very few magic bullets. In order to balance our budget (or at least close the gap), it will take more than spending cuts…it will take tax increases. The question that everyone wants to know is how much additional tax will I have to pay?
Cut Budgeting Time in Half The ONE HOUR FORECAST
How would you benefit if the time you spent on your company’s budgeting process could be cut in half or, even better, by 75% or more? It’s not fiction. It can be done. 12 Easy steps to creating a complete business budget and cash flow forecast. This FREE comprehensive tool allows you to see into the future of your business.
How can I obtain an EFIN from outside the U.S.?
I am an accountant in the UK and have U.S. clients that want me to file federal tax returns. How can I obtain an EFIN number?
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Exchange of delivery trucks
I'm exchanging an old delivery truck and signed a $15,000, 8 percent, 3-month note payable for a similar new delivery truck. What is the journal entry for this?
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