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May 7, 2009

Publisher's Note
A recent United States Postal Service states that 98 percent of consumers bring their mail in each day, and that 77 percent of customers sort through and organize their mail immediately.† As with most self-produced surveys, these results strike me as being a bit inflated.† However, it makes me think of how accountants treat their mail during busy season.† For those immersed in the rigors of the January-April tax season, Iíve heard tales of some accountants amassing Paul Bunyan-like stacks of mail.† Do you have any tales to share on this subject?

Rob Nance
AccountingWEB, Inc.

Manufacturing in a Lean, Flat World

Summer Internships

Windows 7 RC Now Available to Us Mortals

Obama Proposes International Tax Reform

Questions & Advice

Working around #N/A

An #N/A (missing data) populates a vlookup answer cell if the information is not found in the lookup table for an exact match (and I don't want to use a fuzzy TRUE match). This error message (the #N/A) prevents that cell from being useable (columns won't add and I haven't figured out how to eliminate it with IF statements buried in the vlookup statement either). Any suggestions how to work around this dreaded missing data issue?

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Merging Cells in MS Excel 2003

I am in the process of organizing some meeting notes using MS Excel 2003. I am using the merge cell function for my type- written notes. The problem I am having is the spreadsheet does not show the full text that I have typed in. I have utilized the autofit row height function with no luck. Can someone help me figure out how to get the full text to show on the spreadsheet?
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Why most accountants need a new firm website
Mastering Excel Pivot Tables - CPE Webinar
Top News

Will multinational corporations survive the coming tax changes?

Why are business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, spitting nails after President Obama's announcement of tax changes on Monday May 4th? more >>
Why the secrecy? Public disclosure of taxes not a new idea
CFOs divided over need for IFRS
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Featured Articles
A Conversation with John Sharbaugh of the Texas Society of CPAs

When you're born in Hershey, Pennsylvania and grow up in a town close enough that you can small the chocolate whenever the wind blows, you just know that the future can only be bright. Of course, John Sharbaugh attributes his successful career in association management more to his education and his penchant for preparation than to having chocolate in his DNA, but a case could be made either way. more >>
IRS breaks records with e-file activity this Spring
Third promoter of Wesley Snipes's tax strategy faces prison

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Firm/State/People News
BBD team will head to Kentucky to rebuild housing for the elderly

On Sunday May 31, nearly half the personnel of Briggs, Bunting & Dougherty LLP (BBD), a CPA firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will be making the nine-hour drive to Salyersville, Kentucky to begin a community service project that will entail working four full days remodeling homes for the elderly. more >>
States turn federal tax credits into cash for would-be homebuyers
University of Texas accounting program tops rankings once again
CPE Webinars by David Ringstrom, CPA
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Thursday, June 11
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Thursday, June 18

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