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April 22, 2010    
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Introducing the New Standard in Total Learning Management
The Workplace Fitness Challenge
Fraud in the Markets: Why It Happens and How to Fight It
Publisher's Note
Rob Nance, Publisher Do you know an out-of-work accountant who would like to be a guest blogger on AccountingWEB, recounting the trials and tribulations of his/her job search? It could be a therapeutic exercise for the unemployed accountant, plus there’s a large audience of accountants in a position to read the postings—which might lead to an opportunity for the job-seeking accountant! E-mail me please.

As a reminder, if you are looking for a new job or you need to do some hiring, the AccountingWEB Career Center can help you.

Rob Nance
Top News
Health care bill to impact benefits, recession still hurting wages
Economy graph The government’s health care bill will have lasting effects on employee benefits programs in companies of all sizes, according to a recent survey conducted by Accountants International.
Many small to mid-sized companies expect economy to recover in 2010
Although many companies and individuals still struggle with recession-related challenges, a majority of executives believe the downturn will reverse its course within the year, according to a recent survey.
AICPA: America is split between savers and non-savers
Although 54 percent of adult Americans say they've not been able to save money over the last 12 months, a surprisingly large number have been able to save money in the past year in spite of the country's economic turmoil.
CHECKPOINT LEARNING: Introducing the New Standard in Total Learning Management
Checkpoint Learning     Designed for the tax and accounting industry, Checkpoint Learning takes the hassle out of tracking and meeting CPE requirements—and so much more! Our interactive courses have been designed with a fresh look and interactive features that make learning a breeze. And now, Checkpoint users can connect seamlessly from research to related online courses with convenient links between Checkpoint and Checkpoint Learning. Firms can design custom learning paths to get employees moving to the next career level as well as keeping them on task to ensure they meet their CPE requirements—for all 50 states plus over 15 specialty affiliations.
     Gain the knowledge you need, make certification compliance a snap, and move your practice or firm to the next level of client service—with the new Checkpoint Learning platform.
      Visit checkpointlearning.thomsonreuters.com or call 800.231.1860 to learn more!
Featured Articles
The Accountant: A new reality show
The Accounting Reality Show Now I’m not proposing we launch a new TV series where business owners stay in a fancy mansion surrounded by eager CPAs vying for their business. But, I think we all have been there in the heat of the competition for new clients. If we are not careful we can lose sight of the big picture when a seemingly easier or immediately gratifying opportunity presents itself.
Networking trends in a recovering economy
Companies nationwide reduced their workforce or instituted hiring freezes in accounting and finance, as well as in operations during the past year in response to the economic downturn, according to Accountants International.
PCAOB seeks director for Financial Reporting Fraud Resource Center
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board announced recently that it is seeking to fill a newly created position of Director of the Financial Reporting Fraud Resource Center.
The Workplace Fitness Challenge
Workplace Fitness The days are long gone when our teachers herded us off to gym class and we took a break from the school day to do our sit-ups, shoot hoops, learn how to handle a tennis racket, and get pummeled in dodge ball. But just because we've traded our school books for a desk and a computer, that doesn't mean we can't get back in shape and stay in shape, all while doing our jobs. Take the AccountingWEB Workplace Fitness Challenge!
Firm/State/People News
What comes first, tax woes or competing on Dancing with the Stars?
Pamela Anderson and the IRS Pamela Anderson shares something in common with a few of her fellow celebrity contestants on Dancing with the Stars. At least three others also have made headlines for being in hot water with the tax authorities.
PKF Texas promotes culture of health and wellness
At Pannell Kerr Forster of Texas, P.C., a CPA and business advisory firm, fitness is a corporate way of life. While the Houston-based firm does organize periodic fitness initiatives, it is the culture of consistently encouraging health and wellness that really sets it apart.
Copanion's fitness competition provides time off as incentive
Edward Jennings, CEO of Copanion Software, admits that he's a fitness buff. And he acknowledges that it may have been selfishness on his part that got him started to create a fitness program at work.
Fraud in the Markets: Why It Happens and How to Fight It by Peter Goldmann
Accounting Best Practices, 6th Edition by Steven M. BraggA dramatic look at fraud's role in our financial markets and how you can protect yourself. Fraud In the Markets reveals the critical role fraud played in the global financial crisis-even as many of the perpetrators continue to go unpunished. Shedding light on the reckless conduct of the former senior executives at major Wall Street firms such as Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and others just before their collapse, this timely book shows how the culture of "anything goes" on Wall Street fueled the innovation of exotic but deadly asset-backed securities.
What do you have to say today?
How's Your "Fraud Detector" Working?
A CPA firm partner shared a story in one of my seminars about his "fraud detector" - he invited the person in question to play a round of golf!
SEC Charges Goldman Sachs With Fraud; Was Matt Taibbi Right About The Giant Vampire Squid?
The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Goldman Sachs & Co. with fraud relating to transactions structured by the firm - dubbed the ‘giant vampire squid’ in an article by Matt Taibbi last year.
10 Things On My Mind 5 Days After Busy/Tax Season
It is April 20 as I write, 5 days after the end of busy/tax season. These are some of the thoughts going through my head right now...
Tax Amnesty Programs - Are They a Good Thing?
According to the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Pennsylvania is expected to raise $190 million of revenue through its amnesty program.
Kaplan Weekly Quiz
KaplanAre you prepared for the CPA exam? Test your knowledge and keep your skills sharp by taking the weekly CPA Exam Quiz, brought to you by Kaplan Schweser CPA Review and AccountingWEB Education & Careers Zone. New questions will be posted for each section weekly. Take this week's quiz.
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