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April 1, 2010    
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The Ultimate Accountants’ Reference, Third Edition by Steven Bragg
Live Webcast on Hiring Incentives (HIRE) Act
The Workplace Fitness Challenge
Publisher's Note
Rob Nance, Publisher As firms and clients look for every way possible to trim costs, I’m guessing that the use of fonts doesn’t enter those budget meetings. Well, that may now change. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has switched the default font on its e-mail system from Arial to Century Gothic. The reasoning? The university says it will save money on ink when students print e-mail messages. Apparently, the Century Gothic font uses 30 percent less ink than the popular Arial font. The cost of printer ink is roughly $10,000 per gallon, according to the university. Sounds about right, I suppose, given the cost of those tiny cartridges.

If you, your firm, or your clients have undertaken a unique cost savings action, please e-mail me!

Rob Nance
Top News
Ernst & Young defends its Lehman work in letter to clients
Ernst & YoungErnst & Young defended its audit work for client Lehman Brothers in a letter sent last week by several audit partners to the firm's key clients, and vowed to fight any legal action from regulators or creditors.
States scramble for tax revenue wherever they can find it
Imagine your state tax collectors hard at work…reading the entertainment news as part of their job description. State tax authorities always have used the media to track the cross-state earnings of sports stars, celebrities, and other wealthy individuals.
Investment fund company files lawsuit against Ernst & Young, UBS
Administrators of an investment fund associated with fraudster Bernard Madoff are suing Ernst & Young LLP and Switzerland's biggest bank, UBS AG.
The Ultimate Accountants’ Reference, Third Edition: Including GAAP, IFRS & SEC Regulations, Leases, and More by Steven M. Bragg
Ultimate Accountants' ReferenceWileyA wide-ranging source of information for the practicing accountant, The Ultimate Accountants' Reference, Third Edition covers accounting regulations for all aspects of financial statements, accounting management reports, and management of the accounting department, including best practices, control systems, and the fast close. It also addresses financing options, pension plans, and taxation options. The perfect daily answer book, accountants and accounting managers will turn to The Ultimate Accountants’ Reference, Third Edition time and again for answers to the largest possible number of accounting issues that are likely to arise.
Featured Articles
Five blunders accountants make on their Web sites
Man holding mops Spring cleaning often includes sweeping the entryway and giving a fresh coat of paint. This year it's time to apply spring cleaning techniques to your virtual front door - the company Web site.
Tax professionals associations team up to provide value, meet goals
The National Association of Enrolled Agents and the Latino Tax Professionals Association have formed a partnership to provide increased value to their members and to meet common goals.
Managing sales and use tax compliance getting harder for small businesses
Just staying on top of the 8,000 different state and local tax rates and a thousand changes that are made every year by state legislatures is a huge challenge for small and mid-sized business in normal times.
Comment period open on IRS proposal to require ID numbers for tax preparers
The Internal Revenue Service recently issued proposed regulations allowing the IRS to require that tax return preparers use Preparer Tax Identification Numbers as the preparer’s identifying number on all tax returns and tax refund claims that they prepare.
Live Webcast on Hiring Incentives (HIRE) Act Vern Hoven
Don’t miss tax expert, Vern Hoven in this upcoming live webcast as he examines the impact of the new HIRE Act. Make sure you understand how your business clients can benefit from this collection of tax incentives and credits. Hosted by CPE Link, this “hot-off-the-press” one-hour webcast is a convenient way to get a quick update on the new tax law.
Firm/State/People News
Accounting instructor is born to run
Grand Valley State University's School of Accounting AccountingWEB is interested in how accounting professionals are staying in shape. Dori Danko, an accounting instructor at Grand Valley State University's School of Accounting, responded to our quest for information and sparked our interest.
IRS knocks out two boxing legends
Thomas “Hitman” Hearns, who earned more than $40 million in his legendary boxing career, may find himself homeless soon, proving that it’s not just ordinary folks who are dealing with the threat of foreclosure.
Deloitte's Maximum Impact gives student recruits a chance to volunteer
Deloitte's Maximum Impact: Alternative Spring Break gives students a chance to see a different side of the Big Four and work with accounting professionals in community service projects.
The Workplace Fitness Challenge
Workplace Fitness The days are long gone when our teachers herded us off to gym class and we took a break from the school day to do our sit-ups, shoot hoops, learn how to handle a tennis racket, and get pummeled in dodge ball. But just because we've traded our school books for a desk and a computer, that doesn't mean we can't get back in shape and stay in shape, all while doing our jobs. Take the AccountingWEB Workplace Fitness Challenge!
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Save Time by Planning a Strategy Not to Sample
Because audit sampling may take more time than performing non-sampling procedures, some firms are planning strategies not to sample on all engagements other than certain audits of regulated industries or governments that require some form of sampling.
How Do You Make a Meaningful Connection?
The Wall Street Journal hosted a small business breakfast in New Jersey this week. The No. 1 marketing tip they shared with the group is this: Demonstrate value by giving away some service that showcases your skills.
Grant Thornton, Others Release Papers, Articles, On Private Co. Accounting
Last week, Grant Thornton LLC released a paper on Private Company Financial Reporting. The paper discusses the age-old question of whether it is time to develop a separate set of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for private vs. public companies.
Why Not a TV Show About CPAs?
Can you imagine watching every Monday night a TV show entitled, "The CPA"? Or "N.Y. CPA"? Why not? There was L.A. Law for lawyers, House for doctors, and Hill Street Blues for detectives.
Kaplan Weekly Quiz
KaplanAre you prepared for the CPA exam? Test your knowledge and keep your skills sharp by taking the weekly CPA Exam Quiz, brought to you by Kaplan Schweser CPA Review and AccountingWEB Education & Careers Zone. New questions will be posted for each section weekly. Take this week's quiz.
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