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We're going to get a bit controversial today. Some people are pushed into making life-changing decisions because of their personal beliefs. Most likely, this has happened to you, a coworker, a friend, or relative. Let's set the stage with a few examples before you devour the news, tips, and everything else in this rich edition of our Weekly News Analysis.

1. You work at a Big Four firm and are vehemently against killing animals for human consumption. Your boss insists that you be on the audit team at a meat processing plant. What do you do?

2. You care deeply about environmental issues and you make a living by being a controller at a construction company that has just won the contract to build a facility for a chemical company that has a reputation for fouling the planet. What do you do?

3. You are an accountant at a small public accounting firm and you are strongly against abortion. The firm has assigned you to work on an account of abortion clinics. What do you do?

E-mail me your comment about any or all of these potential situations. If you'd like, I will see that it is posted, anonymously if requested.

Rob Nance
Cash earnings are non-taxable? Enrolled agents discuss most common taxpayer misconceptions
A recent informal poll of enrolled agents (federally-licensed tax practitioners) revealed many common misconceptions among taxpayers. Read More...
Increased business use of mobile devices is top IT challenge
The proliferation of smartphones, tablet computers, and mobile devices in the workplace emerged for the first time as the top business technology concern for CPAs and financial executives, according to the 2011 Top Technology Initiatives Survey by the AICPA. Read More...
AICPA's Melancon receives Executive of the Year award
Barry Melancon, president and CEO of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, this week received the 2011 Association TRENDS Association Executive of the Year award. Read More...
Eleven cool mobile apps for running your practice
We recently featured five cool Web apps for running your firm that were highly recommended by your accounting colleagues. Now we're going to stay on the productivity app beat and take a look at mobile devices. Read More...
Alleged pump-and-dump scheme could mean 25 years in prison for accountant
Stephen Durland, a former Palm Beach, Florida, accountant made a fortune as an investor . . . sort of. He's accused of operating a $30 million investment scam in California. If convicted, Durland could be looking at 25 years in prison, plus a $5 million fine. Read More...
Creating a memorable 'About Us' page for your site
It is tax season again, which means that people are shopping for accountants. When potential clients are researching and evaluating your firm, the first step will be to do a quick Google search and find your Web site. Read More...
FreshBooks employees develop fresh ways to stay fit
FreshBooks this year has taken its fitness activities to a new level. While always an active group, something inspired company employees to come up with more fitness activities. Read More...
Censured accountant left a trail of violations
When the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission tells a CPA, "Thou shalt not practice," they don't mean maybe. The SEC filed a settled enforcement action January 11 against Michael R. Drogin, of New York and New Jersey. Read More...
Company announcements: Week of February 14
Following is the latest roundup of accounting community news for the week of February 14, 2011.
Think you're a good fraud auditor? Try this case!
The first comment correctly listing all the fraud techniques will receive a copy of my book, Small Audits Made Easy and Profitable – An Overview. Read More...
How many years should you get out of PCs?
Useful life on computers seems to be getting longer, which is good for CPA firm budgets. While users may want a new, sleeker, thinner laptop, the fact is a 3- or 4-year-old machine should serve most accountants very well. Read More...
Where will your accounting firm be positioned in 2020?
Intuit recently released its Accounting 2020 report that discusses its vision on what the company thinks the accounting world will look like in 2020 in regard to demographics, economic, social and technology shifts in the industry. Read More...
If you think of busy season as ending April 15 (I know this year is April 18), then we are three-sevenths of the way through this busy season. So, here is what is on my mind three-sevenths of the way through this busy season . . . Read More...
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