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Ask yourself this question about how your firm, your business, or you deliver services to customers: Do you give clients more than what they really want just because you can? I've had conversations with several accountants who were frustrated after pitching prospective business clients – especially when they've invested considerable time and effort in crafting proposals and presentations – and then the potential client says, "I would have signed on if you had just typed the basics on a sheet of paper." We're all victims of overkill at times. Just because we can do a task to the nth degree, doesn't mean that's always the best route.

Memories of overkill flooded my mind when looking online for a weather forecast from a local source, such as a TV station. I only wanted the "bottom line" on what's going to happen; I did not want loads of videos, charts, and maps relating to the forecast. Give me the choice of elaborate or simple – don't assume. Overkill!

Having spent many years in banking and also at an accounting firm, I certainly witnessed (and participated in, I'm sure) overkill. We thought about having flashing lights and sound effects on this newsletter, but sometimes "simple" is better.

Rob Nance
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Small business employment index indicates job growth in January
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Texas Society of CPAs recommends separate standards for private companies under FAF
TSCPA officials said that the society has long supported the development of accounting standards that meet the needs of privately held companies in the United States, especially those that are the backbone of the economy, and are not adequately served through current GAAP financial statements. Read More >>
Five cool Web apps for running your firm
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Employers offer training, flexible schedules, mentoring to attract, retain staff
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A cautionary tale: Busy season can be life threatening
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How an embezzler stole millions from a small company
New details have emerged on the methods used and the outcomes following the case of 47-year-old convicted embezzler Sujata "Sue" Sachdeva, who was the trusted 15-year veteran vice president of finance, secretary, and principal accounting officer of Koss Corporation. Read More >>
What frustrates you about the UK?
For me, it's bad customer service. There, I've said it. The inability to handle our complaints in a competent manner and fob us off with excuses, only to then be passed to another member of staff, in another department, and having to explain the whole situation again. Read More >>
Those aren't swans – swans are white
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Secure exchange of information with clients
We don't just want to send information to clients. We need a secure place to receive their data and signed documents, as well. The system needs to be secure and affordable. And, most of all, it needs to be user-friendly. Read More >>
Connecticut introduces three bills to tax Internet sales
The Connecticut General Assembly recently introduced three bills, which, if enacted, would impact Internet retailers. Read More >>
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