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If you could do it all over again, would you choose the same career? According to a recent Parade.com poll, 61 percent of respondents answered no. Even if you think, "Yes, I would choose the same career," it's enlightening to ponder what career path you might select if you had to do something else. See how fellow accountants are answering this question. Check out the INSTANT POLL on the home page of AccountingWEB, on the right, about halfway down.

While I love what I do for a living, I suppose if I could be a Major League Baseball player or be in Neil Young's band . . . well, I can dream, can't I?

Rob Nance
Red Flags compliance: How accountants can help their clients
Accounting and other professional firms are now exempt from the Red Flags rule issued by the FTC in 2007. But all other businesses and nonprofits that extend credit or hold accounts that might be subject to identity theft were required to be in compliance as of December 31, 2010. Read More >>
PCAOB to conduct audits of U.S. accounting firms operating in the UK
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and the Professional Oversight Board in the UK have signed an agreement that will allow the PCAOB, working in cooperation with the POB, to resume audits of accounting firms registered in the UK. Read More >>
Spirited debate ahead for corporate tax reform
As the tax reform debate on Capitol Hill begins, a gulf exists between U.S. companies and the Obama administration on how to overhaul corporate taxes. The White House is reaching out to businesses to work with the administration on rewriting what all agree is an extremely complex tax code. Read More >>
Accounting and finance employee confidence rises; more looking to change jobs
The Accounting and Finance Employee Confidence Index, a measure of overall confidence among U.S. accounting and finance workers, edged up 2.2 points to 56.1 in the fourth quarter of 2010, according to a recent survey. Read More >>
Survey indicates general support for IRS services, intolerance for tax cheats
In an annual survey of taxpayer attitudes, 87 percent responded that cheating on taxes is "not at all" acceptable. While the vast majority said they were opposed to cheating, 8 percent said "a little here and there" is OK, while 4 percent said it is acceptable to cheat "as much as possible." Read More >>
Congressman's wife gets prison time for tax misconduct
The wife of a U.S. Congressman will report to prison next month. Patrice Tierney, age 60, received a harsher than expected sentence for her participation in the filing of fraudulent tax returns. Read More >>
From K-9s to 1099s: Pet-friendly firm boosts morale
With a fragile economy still struggling to rebound, employers continue to search for ways to boost morale and productivity. CPA firm Stone, Rudolph & Henry has found a secret to success in Rocky. Read More >>
Weaver Merges with L.T. Hawthorne & Associates
Weaver announced last week an expansion of services offered to the petroleum and renewable fuels industries through a merger with L.T. Hawthorne & Associates Inc. Read More >>
Company announcements: Week of January 17
Following is the latest roundup of accounting community news for the week of January 17, 2011. Read More >>
Keeping up with the Joneses
Who are these Joneses? In our world, they are your fellow accounting firms. Are you keeping up with them in terms of providing superior service to your clients? Are you making face time with your clients? Read More >>
What happens in Vegas, stays in . . .
We all know that the phrase "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" comes from "What happens on tour, stays on tour." But, what is the British equivalent? Read More >>
Iowa: No physical presence? No problem
In a recent Iowa Policy Letter, the Iowa Department of Revenue made some interesting statements regarding nexus. This letter is not binding on the revenue department. However, it does provide insight into how the department may make nexus determinations in regard to other taxpayers. Read More >>
Be accommodating
One of the most effective tools in your marketing toolbox is your willingness to put your clients first. When you imagine yourself on the "other side of the table," you can begin to behave toward a client in the same way that you like your service providers to behave toward you when you are the client. Read More >>
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