November 8, 2011

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Obama's Student Loan Plan: Relief for College Consumers?
Obama's "pay as you earn" student loan program is designed to provide relief to students by making their college loan payments more affordable and easier to pay.
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Social Security COLAs for 2012: Take the Bad with the Good
The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently announced cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for 2012. There's both good news and bad news for your clients.
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Rick Perry's Tax Plan Opens 'Intriguing' Debate
Texas Gov. and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry entered the tax reform fray recently when he made good on his debate promise to "bump plans" with fellow candidate Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax proposal by introducing his own "Cut, Balance and Grow" economic stimulus plan.
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Thomson Reuters User Conference Sets the Right Tone for Learning, Innovation
Over 800 members of the Thomson Reuters tax and accounting community gathered in San Diego last week to learn about the latest innovations in their software, experiment with new tools, and connect with peers, colleagues, and members of the Thomson Reuters staff.
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Are You a Victim of 'Crunch Time'?
State income tax compliance always seems to come in "crunch time." "Crunch time" meaning, state income tax compliance seems to get squeezed between the federal return being finished late, and state return due dates. Therefore, most companies and tax practitioners are rushing to get the state returns done in a small amount of time - "crunch time."
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I'm on the conference tour circuit and have much to share with you when I return from my travels. In the meantime, we have info this week about Obama's student loan plan and also presidential candidate Rick Perry's proposal for an optional flat tax. And check out the latest AccountingWEB video news update in the article about the Thomson Reuters User Conference.
Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA

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Download this FREE Excel TimeCard Calculator. Complimentary from UBCC

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